June 12th, 2005


STUTTHOF: And Cosmos From Ashes To Dust...

"Under The Sight of The Dragon, who shall be able to stand?"

STUTTHOF: And Cosmos From Ahes To Dust...The second CD release from this Vampiric Black Metal band hailing from Dionysian Greece, and Stutthof certainly channel that primordial pagan essence to epically infernal proportions. I have been fortunate to have recently received this complimentary unleashing in the Hell-Post, and have been aurally gratified by what I have heard. Their evilution is evident, especially in the orchestral compositions "An Invocation To Those Who Have Risen" and "Apokon 'O Metal", beautful pieces accompanied with a darkly angelic voice - one receives the impression of a toga-frocked devilish diva echoing across the centuries. And the Metal is just as furious as ever, with the bestial poetry and howls of Acherontass emerging as if from the portal of the Abyss.

The diabolic aesthetics are repleat herein, gracing every other page in the booklet with scenes of Sabbath rites and glorious Dantean depictions of infernal spectacles. Most notable about this CD, is that it is dedicated to the eternal Anton Szandor LaVey and the mighty Temple of The Vampire. Definitely giving credit where it is due, acknowledging the true origins of Satanism and Vampirism instead of the typical and misleading media misrepresentations, as amusing as those may be. Although Stutthof certainly presents highly psychodramatic visuals and performances.

* Band Members {descriptions from booklet}: Acherontass {6-String of Infernal Devastation, howls, and poetry of Drakkonian Witchcraft}; Norg {4-String Axe of Shadowland}; Thyrane Sigel {Wolfpulse & Warhammers}.

Track List: I. An Invocation To Those Who Have Risen {based on the philosophies of The Hekal Tiamat}. II. Vampiric Metamorphosis. III. Kepaeopoe Eeahnh. IV. Crossing The 9th Gate To The Kingdom of Shadows {incorperates a portion of 'The Infernal Diatribe' by Dr. LaVey}. V. Apokon 'O Metal. VI. The Breaking of The 7th Seal {based on the theme of the film "The Ninth Gate"}.

For those who appreciate 'Vampiric' Black Metal, Stutthof absolutely embodies this genre.

Rating: 5/5.

Also from Stutthof, "Towards Thy Astral Path" which also captures the sense of the Warrior ethos and the mystical ambiance. The "Algiz" rune {the "war rune"} upright and inverted flanks the logo of this Grecian band "Stutthof" {"tower"}, with Black Metal music reminiscent of the Emperor-style, but for Me, what was most remarkable is the intro piece "Blut" which is quite entrancing with its transmutating quality, then on to the rest of the opus which contains keyboards to accentuate the atmospheric quality, and it works quite well. The instrumental "Boden" bears resemblence to something Midnight Syndicate would produce, and that is assuredly a great compliment, as anyone who has been sonically graced by them would attest, and the piece seems to capture the 'spirit' of the ancient world. For fantoms of European-type Black Metal, Stutthof delivers solidly.