May 1st, 2005


New Introduction!

The Satanic Bible will soon be receiving a new introduction by none other than High Priest Peter H. Gilmore! It may be some time yet until this becomes more widely available in bookstores, so you may wish to pick up your new copy at The Emporium. In the meantime, those Burton H. Wolfe copies will eventually become evocations in themselves.


Besides its acquistion for collective purposes, this edition is absolutely manditorily recommended for The Satanist to attain. Magus Gilmore relates his own discovery of this landmark tome, meeting Dr. LaVey, and some interesting tidbits through his personal association with The Black Pope, as well as biographical information, the formation of The Church of Satan, and its continuing thriving influence. Also why Satanism is not only a philosophy, but a religion, and counters falsehoods spread by detractors. A splendid addition to this veritable "Black Book".

Of note, the content has not been altered in any way, just the introduction.