March 11th, 2005

Draconis Blackthorne, shadowgram, Dracomet

Black demon on the Altar

As I walked by The Altar, what did I find, but a little black demon perched thereon: it was My black feline "Nero", and what a photo opportunity that would have been! If it happens again, I will be sure to take a picture. It really was an amazing spectable - the graceful creature with big green glowing eyes looking up at Me... So I decided to take a perusal into some superstitions, and found some of the typical accounts of black cats being "bad luck" and the such, but I found that this is decidedly not true, at least as far as My experience has been - as a matter of fact, I have experienced that interaction with black cats have been rather fortuitous ones - "good luck", as it were, and shall take this as an 'omen' of positive tidings.

Reminds Me of the time just before I relocated Lairs, and was visited by two hummingbirds, which are said to mean travel, and the black spider who creeped down near Me at Satan's Hollow is said to signify financial affluence, and it has steadily come to be. Within a month after that visitation, Blackthorne Productions experienced an upsurge in sales, this of course combined with workings, have been quite beneficient.

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