February 8th, 2005


Which famous dictator are you?

Adolf Hitler

Take the quiz: "Which famous dictator are you?"

You're Adolf Hitler! You're the most famous, psychotic, genocidal madman ever to taint the pages of history books! You're a fascist. Anyone who questions you is quickly dealt with... Sure, you're a little compulsive and needy but you've accomplished a LOT, as far as MURDERING, TERRORIZING and CONQUERING go! Bottom line: You're out of your mind and you have a superiority complex the size of the sun. You're one egocentric freak.

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What's Your 19th Century Horror Character?

You scored as Dorian Gray. You are the immortal, narcissistic bachelor from Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray. Your physical beauty is matchless and your reputation, spotless. Meanwhile, your portrait suffers continual disfiguration as you pursue a secret life of debauchery, revealing the true content of your damnable soul.


Dorian Gray


Frankenstein's Monster


Count Dracula


Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde


The Headless Horseman


The Invisible Man


What's Your 19th Century Horror Character?
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Obsessed fan drove Vanilla Ice to therapy

A satanic fan drove VANILLA ICE into therapy after she became convinced he would preach the word of Satan at his concerts.

The ICE ICE BABY rapper, who enjoyed a romantic fling with MADONNA at the height of his fame, spent thousands of dollars on therapy to eradicate the crazed woman from his dreams.

He says, "There was this one girl, the same girl, in the front row, the same spot, all the time.

"One time, in Japan, we got to our hotel and there was a knock at my door, middle of the night, someone's left me a satanic bible. I was freaking out. She then came up the fire escape, dropped to her knees, and was basically possessed by the Devil.

"In this full EXORCIST voice, she kept saying, 'He is my destiny, I must have him!' Turns out she was from the Satanic Church of Ireland. Her parents had given her all this money to track me down, follow me and get me to preach the word of Satan in all my shows and bring all of these converts to their cause. I had nightmares about that for years."

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    Mercyful Fate: Return of The Vampire

Musick from The Depths...

Went forth to complete a birthday present for LB, the original Phantom of The Opera soundtrack - the best ever, considering first CD set became quite worn. I found the latest production to be rather weak, although the film did have its moments, but this would be for the serious fantom to appreciate - I doubt the herd found any profound meaning in it, even though it was actually brought down to their simplistic level. No, the original is just splendid and truly majestic, as one soars the heights, even from the subterranian labyrinth, The Grotto of Tbe Phantom, therein the darkness, one pure of passion whose heart truly burned with the black flame. Unfortunately, probably one of the most tragic tales ever told however, yet its splendorous rapture is ever possessing. A very pleasing acquisition which has haunted The Noctuary many a time.

Another "Two From The Vault" unleashing caught My attention as I checked for My favored Musicians, and found this treasure - Mercyful Fate's "Don't Break The Oath" & "Return of The Vampire" opuses placed into one set, with full covers included. Also have MF's The Beginning/Melissa, KD's Fatal Portrait/Abigail, Them/Conspiracy, and await more of these marvellous combinations. An upgrade from the cassette tapes I have had all this time, which rest secure in their coffin-shaped case with the complete collection therein. Hail King!

Danzig's How The Gods Kill: Also found this black gem beckoning to Me, so evilution took its course, and it has been incorperated into The Blackthorne Collection as well. That certainly IS Giger's "Master and Margarita" - the CD includes a small poster of it as part of the lyric fold-out. Again, I originally had this on cassette, so now the CD is a most pleasing addition.

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    How The Gods Kill