February 1st, 2005


The Great Black Dragon Rises...

I have noticed that every year around Candlemas week for the last few years, notable disasters have occurred, as a veritable "blood sacrifice" upon the anniversary of The Nativity of The Great Black Dragon.

* 1974, February 1st. Brazil, Sao Paulo, 25-story Joelma office building: 189 people died. * See it now on Snuffx!

* January 28 1986, the space shuttle Challenger exploded 73 seconds after liftoff from Cape Canaveral, Fla., killing all seven crew members.

* 1 February 2003: the space shuttle Columbia exploded as it was attempting re-entry after a 16-day mission.

* 1 February 2004: 244 Killed in Haj Pilgrimage Stampede at the "stoning of The Devil" ritual. Serves them right!

* January 26 2005: Metrolink Train crash in California. 10 casualties.

* India Stampede at temple. 258 casualties.


Malefik Media

Links to previews of some notable presentations that are currently unleashed, and shall come forth in the coming months:

* The Phantom of The Opera
A most beautious film based on Andrew Lloyd Webber's masterpiece repleat with aesthetic and musical splendor. Focuses more on the play rather than the music per se, but it is nonetheless resplendant and awe-inspiring. A consistent evocation and host of one of the most wonderful songs ever written in "Music of The Night".

* Batman Begins
The Satanic anti-hero returns in this subsequent incarnation, where it is revealed that The Dark Knight trained as a Ninja! Which would make complete sense, considering that the character has no purported "super powers" per se, yet it is from this martial tradition that comes closest to such in actuality.

* Corpse Bride
In the 'spirit' of The Nightmare Before Xmas, de-facto Satanist Tim Burton brings forth another enchanted story starring a cast of mariannettes with a tinge of Necromancy. Also features a whimsically dark score by diabolical musician/composer Danny Elfman! The "gruesome twosome" strike again!

* Charlie & The Chocolate Factory
Another manifestation from Nucleus Tim Burton in this recreation of the legendary "Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory" with the lokian role of Mr. Wonka played by a foppish Johnny Depp. Scored by Elfman!

* The Devil's Rejects
Hot on the heels of House of 1.000 Corpses, Rob Zombie continues his filmographic onslaught with this cast of Hellbillies scorching down The Devil's Highway.

* Bewitched
Mortal-loving Witch Samantha Stevens rides in with Derwood, I mean Darren, in tow.

Join the Addams Family/Munsters/Bewitched/Dark Shadows Group!

* The Amityville Horror
Welcome back to The House... Fantoms of this ghost story reputedly based on actual occurrences, overseen by Parapsychologists Ed & Lorraine Warren, will be delighted to know that The House re-opens for one's phantasmagoric perusal.

* Cursed
As the moon waxes full, so the Pentagram re-appears on one's palm, and the transformation begins again in this werewolf thriller starring Cristina Ricci as the lycanthrope!

* War of The Worlds
The Aliens return in this recreation of the classic sci-fi thriller where no-one is safe from their extra-terrestrial wrath!

* The Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy
Based on the book by the same name, this veritable sci-fi nerd bible now appears on the silver screen. Beware!

* The Ring II
The horror-psychological series spawned from the dark depths of the subconscious returns from that murky well...

* The Pink Panther
Steve Martin portrays the inscrutably comical Inspector Clouseau to delight and entertain long-time fans of the cleverly cool english cat.

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