December 28th, 2004

Draconis Blackthorne, shadowgram, Dracomet

Hell: The Devil's Domain

A surprisingly more in-depth look at the mythological history of Hell from various belief-systems, including Jewish, Muslim and Buddhist depictions, as well as the ever-present christian accounts. It seems that the media have expanded their research much more, including de-facto Satanists Mark Twain {book: Letters From The Earth} and Benjamin Franklin, with accounts of the Hellfire Club of early America. The ubiquitous "witch" tryals were discussed, the SRA urban legend, "possession" {Catholic and fundamentalist christian tales}, and devil-worship, serial killer criminality, with various theologians and authors including Dennis Prager, speaking on the simplistic "good and evil" dualities; but the cream of the crop came towards the end of the program in the segment entitled "Friends of The Devil", which displayed scenes from Satanis {with a brief clip of Dr. LaVey from those legendary interviews}, Speak of The Devil, and showed hard-cover copies of The Satanic Bible and The Satanic Rituals {no doubt owned by the Citizens featured herein}, and a performance of The Destruction Ritual; also included is an interview with Magus Gilmore. A solid segment, devoid of a pro-blindlight slant by the media as was typical in presentations past.

However, I must take issue with one inaccurate comment made by the narrator who stated that Our major practice is 'The Black Mass' - not true. 'Le Messe Noir' would be performed as the celebrant is moved to do so, as it is a cathartic purging of any lingering blindlight influences, and is furthermore, a ceremony {which serves to sustain}, not a ritual {which serves to attain}. The Satanist is more apt to perform rites dealing with Lust, Destruction, and Compassion, as desires manifest.

The rest of the presentation was filled with magnificent hellish art from Rennaissance and pre-rennaissance eras, including one of My favorites, Dore', who illustrated Milton's Paradise Lost {I must say that the piece on Milton's literature accurately depicted Satan as the prideful rebel, glorious in countenance}; as well as Dante's Inferno, who interjected personal 'demons' into his work, to regain the favor of The Catholic Church after his ex-communication, by essentially "ritualizing" his dark-subconcious in this fanciful fable which the church took to their bosom.

Overall, a well-put together 'documentary' on the nether-regions, and their effects on the human psyche - i.e., scare them into church.

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