November 25th, 2004

Draconis Blackthorne, shadowgram, Dracomet

National Day of Mourning

On Gluttony Day, consider this: National Day of Mourning

{Image: The Last Judgement - detail - Satan / Anonymous - Bolonia - Italy - XIVth }

I Am also reminded of the scene in Addams Family Values wherein Wednesday Addams, together with her fellow outsider cohorts, effectively transform the absurd play into a display of veritable Lex Talionis against the pretentious herdlings at Camp Chipewa. A fitting film to watch on this day.

If you will still partake in this activity, mainly because the feast is there, and it is indulgent, perhaps as an invite from relatives and/or friends, then partake your fill.

The Following is distilled from a message from The OBD Forum:

" Yes, every day is fit to give thanks unto The Forces of Darkness, not just one day out of the year, although a special rite may be formulized specifically to express one's gratitude on this day. Also, we have members throughout the globe, so this day would not necessarily mean anything to them. I did write a "Satanic Grace" to be said over one's infernal feast grantng thanks unto The Four-Crown Princes of Hell, which is as follows:

"The Satanic Grace

As an interesting option, I have formulated the following 'Satanic Grace' to be said either before or after a meal, thus giving thanks to The Dark Forces of the Black Earth which have caused the food to be created in its many levels, providing a heightened sense of Indulgence, and sustaining The Magical Mindset.

{Reserve a black candle in the center of the table. Clasp hands in the Cornu joined position; i.e., entwine the fingers, raising the pinky and index fingers together. Trace a circle above the meal, and say:}

Thank You...

SATAN: Lord of Hellfire, by Thy Essence has this meal been prepared.
LUCIFER: By thine Infernal Light did cause this feast to grow and thrive.
BELIAL: From the womb of The Black Earth was this meal formed.
LEVIATHAN: For the waters of life flow to bring the nectars of pleasure unto this table.

{Then give thanks to Oneself, or the host, who has brought the provisions forth. Raise Cornu with left hand and say:}


[* From My experience, I have found that indeed the dining experience becomes more pleasurable, and the meal becomes even more delicious by this practice.] "

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