October 29th, 2004

Draconis Blackthorne, shadowgram, Dracomet

Killer Klowns From Outer Space

Killer Klowns From Outer SpaceA film capitalizing on Coulrophobia, in which a troupe of interstellar clowns descend upon earth within a craft in the shape of a big-top tent, and proceed to encase the resident humans in a small township inside jacaranda cocoons, for future meals. Yes, these clowns are here to consume the vital fluids of earthlings, yet there is no presence of a "cook book" entitled "How To Serve Man", although this presentation may have been partly inspired by that Twilight Zone episode. The only ones privvy to their intentions are "Debbie and Mike", a couple who had witnessed their ghoulish propensities, and go forth to stop them at all costs, yet no-one believes their seemingly wild tale, especially the Police - yet eventually, a deputy joins them in their quest to vanquish the gluttonous bafoons who exhibit all of the characteristics of their trade to the extreme. By utilizing the sheeple's gullibility, they are entranced by their antics, including an impressive hand-shadow display, until captured and preserved, and they do not waste their food.

Particularly remarkable and amusing scenes include a small clown being harassed by a gang of bikers, who then proceed to enact some of his own justice by literally "knocking his block off"; the dispatching of the Police Chief by using the compassionate glamor of his jestery to catch him off guard; four clowns, after emerging from a small car, throwing acid pies at a security guard, reducing him into a globulous pile of ice cream - ulna & radius protruding from the gelatinous mess; a puppet show entertaining a teenager who ends up victim; a blonde attacked in the shower by baby snake-like clownheads, birthed into existence by popcorn seeds.

In the end, after gaining the cooperation of a couple of horny brothers who own an ice cream truck, Mike and the deputy engage in the final showdown within the bigtop craft, scurrying through the mazes within, rescuing Debbie who had been previously captured and contained within a balloon, until they face a clown monster. Suffice it to say, the film has an explosive and colorful finale.

I did like the appearence of the clowns themselves - with exaggerated features, demonic laughter, and pointed predatory teeth. These characters would make for acceptable Halloween Horror costumes.This is indeed a "cult classic", and purposeful B+ Movie fare in My estimation. No blood or gore, but more or less a comic book put to film. Regarding the soundtrack, see The Dickies video which is just about as good as the movie.

[MP3: Theme Song. Just a little choppy].

Rating: 4/5.
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