October 28th, 2004

Draconis Blackthorne, shadowgram, Dracomet

Ghosts of Halloweens Past

The first remarkable Halloween I recall involved two spectacles presented by persons in the neighborhood. There was a park near where I resided at the time that would advertise with flyers posted, about the annual "Halloween Party" thrown there, where costumed people would gather to collect refreshments and confections in the auditorium thereof - but this was far removed from the remarkable events that were ocurring in the vicinity. Nearby, neighbors had taken it upon themselves to create some marvellous attractions to scare the kiddies out of their wits, and was indeed a pleasure to experience Myself.

Trick, then Treat!

Upon entering the front yard of one home on Denny & Kling {with Blix just one block over}, one would of course be greeted by the sounds of creepy tunes and sound effects permeating the evening, where one would have to pass through a couple of lavishly decorated gates, and cross no less than a suspension bridge which teetered over deep pits on either side that were dug just for the night's occasion. Within these pits, were ghoulish denizens who would reach up a claw at one's feet, amidst dry ice that wafted up around you. And above, bats and spiders were positioned to swoop and descend upon the locale of the head and shoulders of the unwary. Upon reaching the other end of the bridge, there was a small maze you would have to amble through, with more phantoms lurking in the darkness thereof, until reaching what appeared to be a slot machine covered up in cobwebs and crowned with a large skull. Turning the crank would predictably yield some candy treats - when all of a sudden, along with the candy, a hand would jut out, sending the child running out the nearby exit, across the driveway and onto the street.

The Wicked Witch of The West

A couple of blocks over, as one made their way on sidewalks strewn with leaves blown by the wind, one came upon a curdling cauldron being stirred by a most impressive Halloween Witch - peaked hat, black flowing robe, a hook nose, gnarled hands, and green skin - quite a marvellously frightening sight. There she stood, high on a platform inviting the daring to climb up makeshift stairs and take candy from her cauldron. Reaching into the foggy cauldron was well rewarding, yet at the very last moment, she would cackle and shriek, again, sending the child darting towards the street. The manner in which the lights were positioned, and the horror noises permeating the atmosphere created a glamor that was most Magically enchanting.

The next couple of relations were events in which I participated in Myself, as creative consultant and/or participant:

The Devil's Night

I was invited by an acquaintance at the time to contribute to a presentation and lead Le Messe Noir for the evening, so of course, I pleasantly agreed. I brought along My Gargoyle "Nocturnus", My Lord Darkness mask, robe, skull-staff, stormball, music {Black Aria, Demons & Dementia}, along with black and red lighting. In My bag, certain ritual implements for use later in the evening. We erected a throne at the end of a long outdoor hallway, where I sat completely still with skull staff in hand, with a small cauldron filled with candy at My feet flanked by two black candles. My associates donned their sexy Witch constumes, regailing passers-by with a tale on how 'The Devil' had taken their Halloween candy, and if some brave fellow would help retrieve it for them. A strobe light was also placed near the street to help attract people to our dig. And they came... gingerly they would proceed towards Me, until finally bowing down to reach into the candy-cauldron, then I would rise up letting out an unearthly growl to which they would stagger backwards in shock, and they received their Halloween fright. Grown men would let out a yell, and a few were sent scampering back to the street. Word began circulating, until previously-traumatized people would actually bring their family members to pose with The Devil, like they would with Santa Claus for xmas, and I was pleased. Would this not make a wonderful idea for herd malls, to hire actors in these places who pose for memorable photographs in remembrance of many Merry Halloweens...

Afterwards, at about Midnight, we retired into the house and began preparations for the night's requested ceremonial festivities at the resident Altar - and it went splendidly. Parchments were immolated, cries of "Hail Satan!" echoed into the gloom, and a sense of empowerment remained. A sumptuous feast followed, and carnal delights enjoyed.

The Grim Reaper Strikes Again!

On another Halloween, I again provided the music {"Horror Sounds of The Night"/Topstone Records, "Halloween Sound Effects: Music and Effects of a Terrifying Nature"/Total Recording, "Scary Sound Effects: Nightmarish Noise for Hallowe'en" featuring The Theremin Orchestra & The Phantom Theremin Orchestra / Rhino Records; Thriller Chiller Sound Effects I & II/Funworld}, and helped set up an attraction making paper-mache' and chicken-wire graves to provide the elongated dome, placing them at the base of several humorously-labelled gravestones whch were connected with strands of webbing, displayed on the front lawn; then we cut up black strips to obscure the front door, that people would have to duck under them to collect their candy reward which was placed beside a dubiously positioned hay-bale, behind which hid an acquaintance who popped up suddenly, sending the scaree back towards the sidewalk, but not before having to pass by Me, dressed in a black robe again, hood obscuring My face, standing perfectly still, until I came alive raising My sickle as if to sever flesh and bone, sending the poor 'victims' screaming onto the street. It was great fun. At one point, a lady commented "This is too much!" and hurried away.

A few hours later, we decided to treat ourselves and walked 1/2 a block where someone else was presenting a Halloween spectacle, and were charging for entrance. Outside the gates, fiber-optic fireflies circled around a tree, and the music of Midnight Syndicate haunted the air - this would indeed be a treat! And it certainly was. Inside the gates, on the front lawn, an elaboarate maze was constructed complete with leaping spiders, a growling wolf with glowing red eyes which would lunge forth and spit a blast of air, fog floated about one's feet, and ghouls lurked about ready to pounce. Upon exiting, one of the 'monsters' handed out candy, while another character revved up a chainsaw and chased patrons out onto the street. Indeed, what a treat.

Included below, a relevent passage from "The Black Earth" page, detailing the "Scare At The Fair" attraction from The L.A County Fair XXXVIII A.S.:

Scare At The Fair

"Scare At The Fair" is the resident spookhouse, which, as one approaches, one can hear the strains of Midnight Syndicate, choice ritual musick, haunting the sonic tides, with dry ice and fog floating out from a hooded and red-eyed phantom exuding from the dungeonesque and cryptine edifice to the roof, beckoning the daring inside. An impressive spectacle that allows one to feel right at home in one's Lair, And for the nominally inexpensive fee of a mere $5.00, one can enter this domain with its unique paint and artwork rendered to project a three-dimensional effect, accompanied with the aid of specialized spectacles which brings the phantasmagoric images more dynamically to the fore. Robed and masked ghouls lurk therein, 'round many darkened corners, and even lunge forth from many hidden panels in the walls. In some sections, the effects are arranged in such a way so as to grant the impression of floating. A giant spider crawling on a web is quite a remarkable illusion, and most remarkably, towards the end, a spinning tunnel reminiscient of the Universal Studios version, yet is more effectual in bestowing the vertigo effect with the combination of the lighting - red and black striations bestow the sensations of walking into a hellish portal. A most enjoyable perusal indeed.

On a side note, during one remarkable instance, as Myself and a companion were discussing the possibilities of replicating these blacklight and fluorescent paint effects for our own homes, one of the resident ghouls lurched forwards from a hidden doorway with the intent to frighten. When asked if he knew the artists, he stepped backwards, saying "...No..." in a low growl; and as we made our way to the next chamber, I heard him utter "freaks..." behind the mask, which I received as an ironic compliment. Which also went to show the revelation that even those behind the masks are themselves herd members, lest one lose perspective and bestow Solipsism. This is by far one of the best attractions in the park for My money. A grande finale as a capstone to seal an enjoyable and pleasant evening out.