October 1st, 2004

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Halloween Squash Ideas

There is no reason why pumpkins need be the only squash that is decorated for the Halloween season. Along with the traditional, I suggest incorperating the following types of squash - sort of like Jack O' Lantern and his little friends - might make for a splendid Hell scene with these little ones made into demons, and the largest, The Dark Prince. That displayed above is an acorn squash, appropriately named, I feel - considering it was the acorn that was folklorically seen as being associated with The Devil; and the dark color would be an addition to, or alternative to the ubiquitous pumpkin. And it would appear really marvellous blending into the shadows with eyes aglow with a black candle burning within. Then there is the turban, which upon first impression, looks like a brain, and could also be forseeably carved into the likeness of Cthulhu, with the bulbous head and slender mouth area, which could depict tentacles. The hubbard squash looks like it could be impressively fashioned into the image of a mummy, haggard 'witch', zombie, considering the color and skin texture thereof. Below are some links to some remarkable pictures of various squah which can be utilized for the purpose of decoration.

* Links of Interest:

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Valfei Squash

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