August 24th, 2004

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Automated Tellers

While travelling out to acquire even more materials {as orders are increasing exponentially - HS!}, at a time when the herd is much less present, I decided to try the automated teller at the local depot, and found it to be so much more efficient than its inferior human-drone counterpart, and certainly is a Satan-send. Using this machine speeds up the purchasing process, and I have found that it is a station where the herd tends to avoid for the most part - no lines, more efficient service, decreased in B.U.G.S. {blare, ugliness, glare, stare}, how could a Satanist resist? I was out of there in about five minutes tops, instead of the frustrating and time-consuming incompetence the proles provide. I highly recommend this machine to diabolical misanthropists everywhere. So if you must deal with the herd in any capacity, this is a most efficient option.

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Star Children?

The subject on Coast to Coast tonight deals with "Star Children", and upon initiating some research on the subject, have found some interesting parallels with Infernal Progeny - children which are more advanced than their so-called "peers", many-times even herd "adults", are set apart from the herd, demonstrate advanced intelligence and creativity, seek the finer things in life, among other relative characteristics, really seems to resemble many of My own predispositions, as well as what Satanic Parents describe with themselves and their own progeny. Could these actually be natural-born Satanists? Despite the alleged extra-terrestrial connection, the similarities are most intriguing, and perhaps these are in actuality just more "earthly". It also lends an interesting perspective on that "star" designation...

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Draconis Blackthorne, shadowgram, Dracomet

Star Kid/Star Seed Identification Questionnaire

Star Kid/Star Seed Identification Questionnaire

© 2003 by Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

(Note: This Questionnaire may also be used by adults suspecting they are Star Seeds.)

Directions: Circle score number at end of each question answered "yes", and add up the scores at the end.

Rating Schedule:
Score of 12= possibly a Star Kid
Score of 16 = most likely a Star Kid
Score of 20 = absolutely a Star Kid

1. The child has a larger than average head for his/her age and height, especially in the front or top of the head. = 1

Yes - I remember My parents playfully calling Me "cabezon" {big head}.

2. The child has an average body temperature of below 97.6 F [36.4 C] degrees = 1

No - I would say My body temperature is unusually hot, as in "hot-blooded" - check it and see!

3. The child’s birth was notable for there being a strange presence or figure in the delivery room. or an aura (glow) noted around the child or their crib. = 2

Yes - not only at the crib, but a very notable moment little later in life, as I perceived I was "visited" by a phantom-like Presence, which I have since felt profoundly in The Ritual Chamber as well as around Me otherwise. Must double-check with Mama Satan about this one.

4. The child began saying a number of words clearly by six months of age (at least one year before the average talking age of 18 months.) = 1

Yes - I began reading everything that contained words as well as symbols. I remember reading books, magazines, billboards, etc.

5. The child began walking by one-half-year-old ( before the average walking age of one year old.) = 1

Definitely - as a matter of fact, I remember jumping about.

6. When the child began speaking, s/he used phrases or whole sentences almost immediately, not just single words = 1

Yes - as it ties in to question #4.

7. People notice that the child seems extremely mature for their age, almost like an adult in a child’s body. = 1

Yes - but I had a balance with this - I could on one hand have a devil-may-care attitude; and on the other, when called for, I could be quite introspective and surprisingly knowledgable on a subject I had not previously been exposed to.

8. In childhood the child sought out more advanced activities, being bored with and underchallenged by the games the other children his/her age wanted to play. = 1

Yes - to which I would frequently create My own games.

9. The child mentioned recalling his/her “other parents” out among the stars, or expressed a longing to go back to his/her “real home” out in the cosmos. = 2

No - I have always been comfortable with this wonderful earth.

10. The child’s gaze seems unusually mature and penetrating/knowing. = 1

Absolutely. The so-called "old soul" observation. When I look at pictures as a Dracling, it is clearly there.

11. The child’s entire childhood is notable for growing up very much faster physically and intellectually than the other children the same age. = 1

Oh, yes. It was commented on a few occasions about the development of My, let's say - physical attributes, as well as musculature.

12. The child is very sensitive, and is put off by, or shrinks away from the destructive, mean, cruel, violent, or wasteful behavior of the other kids, and cannot understand why they are that way. = 1

Yes and no - even as a Dracling I remember employing precepts of Lex Talionis, distributing what I saw as Justice where it is best served. Having a balanced perspective.

13. Sometimes, when the child goes by an amber sodium-vapor-plasma streetlight, the light goes out, particularly if the child is emotionally charged = 2

Yes - and it happens to this day. I eventually made a game of it, with the ability to not only turn them off, but on as well.

14. The child exhibits mental telepathy (silent mind-to-mind communication). = 1

Yes, and it happens all the time.

15. The child has more than once foretold something in the future that later actually happens, or has a “Dream” which later comes true (precognition). = 1

Yes, and again, it still persists to this day.

16. The child has made an object move by focused mental concentration effort, such as influencing a pinball game, a basketball shot, or a bowling ball’s direction. =1

Definitely, on more than one occasion.

17. The child can mentally see something going on at a different location, or in the past, or in the future (clairvoyance/remote viewing). = 1


18. The child acquires new information spontaneously, apparently by mental “downloading”, either in awake-state awareness or by being shown things during sleep. = 1
[If the child knows the data came from Star Visitors, =2]

Yes - also frequently occurs after Communion. {ToV reference}

19. The child is adept at cross-species communication, both knowing what an animal (e.g.., pet dog, a dolphin, etc.) is thinking, and communicating telepathically with that animal, and the animal responds to the silent communication. = 1

Definutely, as in familiars, as well as other animals I wish to communicate with, who wish to be cooperative. Going to the Zoo is a hoot.

20. The child “just knows” something intuitively about a person, a place, or a situation, which then turns out correct, (i.e., the child is “psychic”). = 1


21. The child affects certain electrical appliances repeatedly by his/her mere presence, (such as a TV changing channels, a radio turning on, a wristwatch not working any more, or a lamp turning on or off without touching it ) = 1

Yes, frequiently, although I have learned to control personally-detrimental effects, but can at will, project energy to cause electrical malfunctions as well as their restoration.

22. The child has admitted using mental thought to influence the behavior of another, and is effective at this silent influencing (e.g. a parent for a second dessert helping) = 1

Obviously, Yes.

23. The child reports seeing Visitors that the parents/others cannot see, or sees things out of the corner of the eye which disappear when stared directly at; (inter-dimensional viewing). = 1

Yes - as related previosly, this became a fairly routine occurrence, and persists today. Also includes perceiving/feeling The Presence.

24. The child can see auras around other people or animals (quasi-visible energy fields, often visible with Kirlian photography). = 1

Yes, perceived as as form-fitting light around an individual. A good exercise it to look approximately a foot above someone, staring at that place, and a "tracing" of them will be perceived.

25. The child sees or feels color, patterns or “textures” in those auras, which provide information about the other’s health, emotional state, psychic attunement, etc. = 1


26. The child is able to use psychic diagnosis (intuitive “seeing”, or passing a hand above the patient’s body) to correctly locate an area of illness, injury, or disease. = 1

Yes - i have done this with both My animals and humanimal companions..

27. The child uses internalized energy (psychic energy/prana/chi/cosmic force) and directs it outward to the place on another person’s/animal’s body that needs healing, and that person/animal very soon experiences improved health.=1

Definitely. There have been many instances, but most notably, I healed a loved-one from cancer.

28. The child has made him/herself “invisible”, either by relocating elsewhere by mental effort, or more commonly, by causing those around not to notice that the child is present. When the child “turns it off”, others suddenly notice him/her. = 1

I have done this many times and still do when needed. Like projecting one's form in their peripheral vision, and simply interjecting the thought into their heads that one cannot and will not be seen.

29. The child has caused an object to relocate from one location to another without touching it [teleportation], or made it rise from the ground and move [telekenesis], solely by mental effort and intention. = 2

There have been many times when I was searching for an object I had misplaced, and after searching, wished for it to appear, and lo and behold, it "materializes" somewhere either very obvious, or even sometimes right next to My hand; and is otherwise in the very next place I look.

30. The child has been observed at least once to self-levitate (rise several inches or more above the ground), whether intentionally or spontaneously, = 2

I recall "flying" as a Dracling, where I felt I had "suspended" gravity as I took off running, and I also recall running up the sides of walls and remaining for an extraordinarily extended amount of time.

31. The child engages in actions, rituals or ceremonies of their own design which are intended to impart healing to a person, an animal, a plant, or a particular place on the Earth. = 1. [If the child has brought a completely-dead animal, plant, person, or ecological area back to life by such healing, then the score for this question = 5.]

Need I answer this one? Of course! I have answered the healing question previously, so I will address the ecological area: I have both caused a revitalization to an environment, as well a total cessation of life thereof. There are two large plots of land I know wherein nothing will grow, and remain a virtual "dead zone", where vegitation does not occur, actual tumbleweeds are present, and no-one bothers building on them. As to healing an animal, I "willed" a cat and a rat to revive after experiencing an apparently fatal accident. I may be able to do this with plants as well, but that is more My Mother's department, with her amazing jungle of strange and unusual lifeforms in her veritable "enchanted garden".

32. The child has deliberately influenced time by causing an event, such as a road trip, to complete very rapidly (e.g., a 1-hour trip in ? hour, without speeding up). = 1

All the "time". I remember sometimes waking up late for school, and taking the same moderate steps as if I was on time, wishing that I would be, and arriving in the classroom too early, sometimes.

33. The child has caused a lengthy event to occur in a brief time, by the clock; (e.g., in 15 minutes events stretch out so that everyone believes an hour had passed. = 1

Not too clear on this one - does speeding-up the clock in order to leave class early count?

34. The child can tell when a future event, (e.g., an earthquake, car accident, a fire ), is going to happen, warns others about the event, which then occurs. = 1

Yes, and I take the appropriate steps to warn others I care for about My concerns. Flowing in The Satanic Grace, I have experienced the benefit of "infernal protection", as it were, as well as accessing the energy of The 18th Enochian Key.

35. Sometimes at night the child’s consciousness/personality goes elsewhere, via out-of-body/astral travel), (even though the physical body remains in bed,) and returns later and reports experiences had elsewhere. = 1 [If visits the Star Visitors, = 2]

This would be more voluntary than anything, and relates to lucid dreaming; now as collecting lifeforce. {ToV reference}. I never felt as if "raptured", but always remained in control of the situation.

36. During waking state the child has traveled out-of-body to have experiences elsewhere. Those near the child merely note that s/he seemed “tuned out”. The child later returns with recollection of these experiences elsewhere. = 1

Not while in the presence of others. But in Alpha state, sure, I often projected outwards towards a place I wished, and/or to a person I wished to visit.

37. The child has served at times as a communication channel for off-planet intelligences, and has some awareness of which Star Visitor is speaking through him/her. = 2

While I Am aware of the process of being an empath, I choose not to do so for the most part. As to the "off-planet intelligences", I never really felt an affinity for "aliens", per se.

38. The child reports visits by the Star Visitors (ET’s).= 1

Not necessarily "E.T.'s" {not counting the movie}, but I can perceive "presences" as "shadows in the darkness", mainly as an adjunct to a ritual or ceremony I had performed.

39. The child’s parent(s) have had visits by the Star Visitors. = 1

Not clear on this, although the many interesting stories My Mother {who is Catholic} relates would be more along the lines of "demons", "angels", and "spirits".

40. The child reports that the Star Visitors are family from an earlier existence. = 2


41. The child has experienced at least one episode of sharing their mental space with a Star Visitor, who utilizes the child’s mind and body for limited periods to experience life on Earth. = 1

No, although I Am aware of the dynamics of "channelling".

42. The child has demonstrated the capacity to summon one or more Star Visitors or their spacecraft (UFO) successfully, and they later show up as requested. = 1

Not "spacecraft", but perhaps can be comparable to "daemonic guides" or presences.

43. The child is obsessed and driven with a sense of special mission on Earth, even if that mission is not yet entirely clear to the child at the present time. = 1

More of a predestination - an awareness that one is here for a reason ascribed by the self, to evolve towards a self- determined ideal.

44. The child exercises unusual adult-like initiatives for the social good, (such as contacting their Senator or a television personality to present a plan for achieving peace in a specific situation); or, if an adult, uncharacteristically begins such world-healing activities. =1

Not as an anthropic "social good", but more along the lines of misanthropic social commentary and the manifestation of a vision in accordance with one's ideal environment.

45. The child reacts with an unusually intense positive recognition or emotion to realistic photos or drawings of Star Visitors in magazines, on television, or in a movie. = 1

For Me, it was never really aliens, but more of demons and devils, which I felt a sort of archetypal connection to, which was also evidenced in the toys I collected, many of which contained horns and such, and were most often villains.

46. The child after age 6 hardly ever gets serious flus or other illnesses that sweep through their classroom or neighborhood [increased infectious resistance], and heals extremely rapidly from cuts, fractures, and other injuries. = 1

I do not remember ever being ill with all of the common childhood ailments, and have always attained an exceptional immunity to viruses. I do heal rather quickly as well, either naturally or from willing a rapid healing.

47. The child has an unusual eye iris color, or iris pattern, or pupil shape, or overall eye configuration in the head. = 1

Yes. My eye color is hazel-brown, and if one looks really closely, an actual greenish pentagon-like shape is perceived surrounding the iris.

48. The child is drawn at an early age to a non-church natural spirituality which incorporates reverence for the Earth as a living organism/consciousness, the sacredness of life in all creatures great and small, and an awareness of the cosmic reach of life. = 1

I have always been in-tune with My abilities and just accept them as a natural part of Myself. I do not, nor have ever, considered ALL life "precious". I have, however, always recognized heigherarchies and deliniations in the human species, and recognize that more often than not, humanimals are inferior to that of animals.

49. The child, without any coaching, has a natural affinity for correctly using crystals, energetic stones, or other power objects to amplify psi energy, e.g., for healing purposes. = 1

No. I never really utilized outside objects other than Myself, although later on these can be utilized as psychic enhancers.

50. The child has complained about wanting to “go home” elsewhere and feeling alienated from the coarseness of Earth society and typical human behaviors. = 1

As to the first part of the question, no - I have always felt comfortable on this earth. To the second part, yes. I have felt always "different", more elevated than the typical humanoid creatures about Me, and is exemplified every time I Am out amongst them.

51. The child is strongly drawn to other Star Kids, and they, too are also strongly drawn to and feel an affinity with the child as a Star Kid. = 1

I always had very few "friends" and acquaintances - and those I did have, were also exceptionally intelligent and gifted beyond their apparent "years", and being so rare, these kinships were chershed. Currently, I would make the comparison with Church of Satan Grottos. I have noticed that all the true Witches and Warlocks gravitiate towards the Church of Satan in one way or another, whether as de-facto Satanists or actual members of The Infernal Empire.

52. Score only ONE of the following two Sub-Questions [(a) or (b)]:
(a). The child does exceptionally well in school, easily mastering subjects without much or any study, is bored with the pace of instruction in most schools, and is comfortable in a learning environment well ahead of his age, (e.g., an elementary student taking high school classes, a high schooler doing college or graduate work, or a child bored in a Gifted School;) = 1[or]

I was placed with MGM {Mentally-Gifted Minors} early on, because of the disatisfaction I felt in common classrooms, where I would frequently finish My work as well as homework in class, then resort to drawing or writing something creative of My choice.

(b). The child is misunderstood by the school system, mislabeled “Attention Deficit Disorder” or “Learning Disability” (because s/he is bored, under-challenged, or put off by the “normal” children’s learning pace); or mislabeled “Hyperactivity Disorder” (because of fidgetiness in the classroom out of boredom, or because of their thoughts directed to more challenging subjects, or because the child is highly focused on a topic of interest and perseveres much longer than is considered “normal”); or mislabeled “Learning Disabled” (because s/he sees and points out the connections between the subject being taught and other subjects, (such as history-math-science-art connections) when the teacher only wants to hear about the one subject being taught.) = 1

No. I was never "analyzed" with these conditions. I did always see correlations between the subjects, however, but I more or less kept these to Myself and did not belabor the instructors with these.

53. The child has experienced a “Walk-In” or replacement of the original human (dying) personality by a new (off-world) personality, which takes on the existing body and continues the life, having memory of earlier years but with different abilities and personality = 1

No. Although that sounds rather christy to Me.

54. The child has an unusually large bioelectromagnetic-photic field extending outward from their body, (e.g., over 3 feet [1 meter]), as measured by dowsing rods.= 1

While I have never taken a Kirlian photograph of Myself, this seems like a most intriguing experience to try. If and when I do take some, I will post them here!

[ Source: ] Take your own "Star Child" Test! Although for the most part, "star child" can easily be replaced with "Warlock" or "Witch". Again, science is barely catching up to what we have practiced and inherently 'know'.
Draconis Blackthorne, shadowgram, Dracomet

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