August 19th, 2004

Draconis Blackthorne, shadowgram, Dracomet


I have just concluded watching the Olympic Games for tonight, which I just so happened upon with somewhat of a peculiar interest, in which the swimming and the gymnastic competitions were being displayed, and it seems that in this climate of fundamental irrationality, The Great Satan has taken prominence in these events. I have always considered The Olympics to be rather inherently Satanic, what with the competitive factor and the striving for excellence; then I have observed that United Satanic America is dominating in just about every category thus far, which in an odd sort of way, makes Me a bit ...proud. Here we are, the only nation founded by Masonic / Satanic Individualists - plus the fact that this year the games are being held in Greece {yet another tie-in with our roots as Dionysians}. I found Myself mentally wishing that the other nations which were ahead would somehow falter, and the particular athlete ascending the scale of ranking - and so bit by bit it began to occur, and this was from 11th place, I believe, yet I visualized The Star-Spangled banner being played, and the U.S. ended up winning all of the events. Now I Am normally not into "sports", considering most of it a past-time for cretins, opting for the Martial Arts and refined forms of discipline, but The Olympics seem to carry a certain type of timeless regality with its pomp and bay-leaf head wreaths {bay leaves were said to promote the immortality of The Gods, and as such, are Vampiric in nature}, so it was delightful to see the Victory. ∞

Hail United Satanic America...Hail The Great Satan!