May 22nd, 2004

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German to English translation

On today's Updates from The Church of Satan site, there is a link to an article about a Satanic presentation which took place in Germany recently. The site is predictably, entirely in German, so the following translation was offered by Alta Vista Translator. The grammar may not be necessarily correct, but one does capture the gist:

"Rex Diabolos Church, artist and Magister of the Church OF Satan of aspects Satanismus the bad in the art "Sehet the cross, which symbolizes it? Bleach incompetence, which haengt." at a tree; - an excerpt from the Satani Bible, the basic work of the Satanssekte "Church OF Satan" [21.05.2004   aspects the culture magazine in the Second Channel of German Television next transmission: 28.05.04 22:35 o'clock]     Anton Szandor La Vey, founder of the Church OF Satan is equated Satanismus in the public discussion again and again with desecrations of graves and pubertierenden dte rodents in black clothes and savage symbolism, hardly suspects someone that the Church OF Satan could actually draw 1966 dozens world-wide well-known artists since its establishment. Wherein does the attraction of the world largest Satanistenorganisation lie? On what does the ideology of the group base?

Magister of the Church OF Satan      

Wir meet the painter Rex Diabolos Church in its studio in haven country, Oregon. As its parents is already it member, even "Magister" the organization Church OF Satan, too German: Satanskirche.      

"Meine work manifested clearly the interaction between me and the satanistischen elements, " the satanische artist says. "Meine rituals, my ceremonies have direct influence on what ausdruecken." my pictures; Its, he explains, embodied pictures the laws of nature. But speaks in truth from this "Kunst" also "Hass". Hate particularly on the Christian and Judentum:      

Walpurgisnacht 1966      

"Das Christianity is based on a Jewish-Christian perspective. It does not have a connection to the European or American soul or the souls of Japan, China or South America. The Christianity has only one connection to Israel. And we do not want to watch longer, how the world wird." controlled from there mirror-image-ritually;     Marc Almond, musician and trailer of the Satanskirche in the Walpurgisnacht on 30 April 1966 brings Anton Szandor La Vey together with his second Mrs. Diana and the film director Kenneth meadow the Church OF Satan into being. The devil is for the Satanisten the symbol of revolting against the moral standards of the society. Naturally they publicise also barrierless Sex. In the prueden America of the 60's is a provocation.

Hollywood Artist scene     

 Mitgruender meadows opens the door for the organization to the artist scene Hollywoods. Entertainer such as Sammy Davis junior and also the actress Jayne Mansfield push to the Satanisten. Mansfield is considered as Le Veys most beautiful witch.       in the meantime there are world-wide sections of the Church OF Satan, in its language, so-called grotten. For some years it is active also in Germany. Above all musicians and authors feel tightened. Their attitude is darwinistisch schroff, their ideology at the edge of the anticonstitutionalness.  

Against each parasitic behavior

"Die nature is brutal, nature is inconsiderately, " Chris says talking star of the Church OF Satan, Germany. "Wenn in nature an animal is not survivable, then it dies. The herd pulls further and leaves the animal. In Christian philosophy about everyone worries. Everyone is alike, to everyone is equal worth and everyone, in order to express it in my words, through-dragged in the society whether it can do it automatically or not, is no matter, he through-dragged. It contradicts human nature (...) we is absolute against each parasitic Verhalten."    

Chris talking star, Church OF Satan Germany

Ingolf Christiansen, sparkling wine representative of the Evangelist church and Satanismusexperte, means in addition: "Es is a bang-hard Sozialdarwinismus, where the strong intersperses itself. Here one has already extreme sewing to a fascist beginning, to fascist a conception of the world and human being. And therein I see the danger that on a religious level a fascist conception of the world wird." here yardable made; A kind Unterrasse      Chris talking star explains against it: "Wir us as a kind Unterrasse of mankind see of taking over a kind genetic assessment for itself responsibility of trusting not in any Gods but for itself the own God to be. And this possibility is given or evenly nicht." from birth;       on the homepage of the Satanskirche prominent artists from the skirt and Pop category outen themselves as trailers. Among them the English musician Marc Almond, which created with its volumes Softcell Hymnen of the new Wave era. And also the probably most provocative skirt artist of the USA was appointed the priest of the Church OF Satan: Superstar Marilyn Manson.      

God analyzed      

"Kunst should be bad, art should be teuflisch, because God does not like art, because art " analyzed, which God is,; Manson says.     [Marilyn Manson, priest of the Church OF Satan for Satanismusexperte] Christiansen is clear the motivation of the movement to belong: "Es no taboos apply more and to that extent can one say, the ideology of a Church OF Satan are nearly already again passig in our society, because many say then: well, others nevertheless also become generally accepted, the weak one are the stupid, the honest one are the stupid, why we are not to use up ourselves an ideology, which promises us power, even if one does not put socially perhaps consentable behavior to the day muss."

Political extremism      

Satanische art: That is not only drastic provocation of the civil society at any price, but also a new form of the political extremism."

Source: 2DF Unterhaltun & Kultur

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Draconis Blackthorne, shadowgram, Dracomet

Addams Family Values

Addams Family Values

</a>I had been considering possessing "Addams Family Values" on DVD lately, so I decided to take a trip to Fry's Electronics to acquire a new printer as well, so as to even better present My publications, and I now have a splendid Epson Stylus C64 - sharper imaging, crisper text, etc., and considering the influx of orders from the site, I also supplimented My Label Maker for the Narrations From The Abyss CD in higher quality as well. I was contemplating purchasing Addams Family Values online later in the week, but lo and behold, they had it displayed - a whole slew of them freshly arrived - I was also in need of purchasing some batteries for My walkman and discman for those splendid Nocturnal Constitutionals, lest I forget, I was "reminded", as it were, with a pack of the exact kind I needed, placed in My line of sight as I walked down an aisle completely unrelated to this type of product, so I picked them up, and it turns out that as I later passed the battery section, the ones I held in My hands were actually the last ones in the entire establishment, which bade Me to call to mind the occult dynamics of Diabolical Machinations, and I Am pleased.

Again, I had previously recorded Addams Family Values from the letharginator, and orginally saw it in the theatre with a beloved, inclusive of its previous sequel. So this film is evocative and a timelessly pleasant viewing every time. This excursion was certainly a success. HS!

Extra!: In related news, the "TV Land" will be airing a 48-hour Addams Family Marathon on 6/5 & 6/6! So prepare your favorite confections, ready those VCR's, and enjoy the delightfully relative antics of this prototypal, archetypal Satanic Family Unit! More information HERE. Also, the series will be airing regularly as well thereon starting in June XXXIX A.S.