April 15th, 2004

Draconis Blackthorne, shadowgram, Dracomet

Nefarious Newsletter V.130


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</form><p align="justify">I. Shadowmantium Evilutions: Trident 13, Nativity of The Black Pope.
II. Quotations: W. Somerset Maugham, Thomas A. Edison, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Henri Frederic Amiel, Jonathan Swift.
III. Nefarious News: You Can Never Be Too Careful, History Repeats Itself - Just Press Rewind, It All Comes Out in the Wash, Human Sushi Dishes Too Hot To Handle, Executioner Gets Choked Up Over Job, Sushi Makes Great Finger Food, Take Two Snakes And Call Me In The Morning, Is That A Carrot In Your Pants? Topless Woman Causes Power Outage, The Prince of Lies Spotted in Pittsburgh.
IV. Interesting Facts & Foibles: Bizarre Patrons, Bizarre Laws in Massachusettes.
V. Satan-O-Vision: Cleavage, Traci Lords, David Koresh, Dirty Harry.
VI. Loki's Laughter: Top Ten Jesus Jokes, young priests' suggestions, Second Coming Ends Prematurely, INRI...
VII. Wicked Words: tergiversation, meshuga, ascetic, paragon, threnody.
VIII. Hell's Bar & Grill: Smoked Salmon Canapes, Mediterranean Chicken, Zucchini with Thyme and White Wine, Easy Cherry Crumb Pie.
IX. The Devil's Web: Satan Inc., Satan's Sabatical Haunted House, Satanic Slaughter Clan, The Temple of Watain, Beautiful Models, Warrior of Satan, Satan: The True Hero Of Paradise Lost, Satan's Animal Imagery in Paradise Lost.
X. The Shadow Gallery: LaVey & Traci Lords / "Satan" by Dore'.
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