April 14th, 2004

Draconis Blackthorne, shadowgram, Dracomet

The Trident #13

The Trident 13

Received My complimentary Issue 13 of The Trident in the Post yesterday, and the theme of this one is all about the military. The cover features a rendition of a lovely Valkrie on the warpath. There's a great article by Rev. Thomas Thorn addressing several points on partiotism to cliche's, a commentary on the military witch's wardrobe by Veronica Van Horne, a piece on Satanic / Military values by R. Merciless, some personal relations in the service by Iain Jaymes Pointe, some Lex Talionis by Primus, the Dear Abbey column featuring a short fiction piece, and a Luciferian animation by James Helkowski & Ryan Mojica; as well as a page on multimedia reviews by Honor Noble on the back. This issue seeks more interaction with the readers this time around, introducing "Shout at The Devil" and "Question of The Quarter" which will be addressed in the next release. Always a pleasure, The Trident receives three prongs up!

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Draconis Blackthorne, shadowgram, Dracomet

A printing we will go...

A truly Magical night. First, I decided to take a perusal at a local music outlet to possess a CD I have been pondering owning for the last couple of weeks, yet other obligations and events have manifested themselves - but this night, there was a certain something extra in the air... The CD in question happens to be Deicide's "Scars of The Crucifix", which was, intererestingly, released the same day as the kinky Passion blood-fetish movie, yet I Am sure I prefer this to that any day. From what I have heard from several, I Am not impressed; Scars of The Crucifix is indeed hell-paced and brutal, and wouln't that be an appropriate idea - that is, playing clips from various films depicting the torture of the jewish whipping-boy to the tune of this most intense unleashing from the depths of black hate. The cover depicts what appears to be either a shroud or a straight-jacket, either one makes sense, as in death or insanity, where the blindlight eventually leads anyway - the musick is relatively predictable in that it will be ferocious, and an exercise in horrific psychodrama focusing on aggression with the madenning guitars... It is accompaned by a DVD showing some of the private lives and various opinions of some subject matter of the band, including how Glen Benton derived that inverse cross fore-head scar brand, opinions on Christianity, among other things.

And this is something I really like - when bands include films to further exemplify and amplify the musical experience. This is an enjoyable trend I see manifesting with more frequency, and to the credit of King Diamond's "Puppet Master" for pioneering this wonderful idea.

So I found this, and while on My way to the cash register, what did I spot, but another two of those magnificent "Two From The Vault" series - this time, King Diamond's "Fatal Portrait / Abigail"; and Mercyful Fate's "Melissa / The Beginning..." to add to the previous King Diamond "Them / Conspiracy" find - again, the incremental accumulation of all that which is Magically evocative - the haunting echoes in the fog, and the explosion of flames in the darkness revealing the leering face of KD - phantom of the night. Well, I later realized I had probaably spent a bit too much this evening, which leads to the next relation...

At the printers, I had to enforce a couple of minor corrections wth them, to ensure top quality for My customers - I felt like I was their employer, making suggestions, arranging, organizing - well, eventually, when all was printed to precision, and the order I had placed the night before was filled, they decided to charge Me a mere 1/4 of what it was worth in ink and paper. So it seems that My previous concern about "over-spending" was abated by this extraordinary discount. I would have paid the full proper price anyway, but I took this to mean that it was somehow meant to be, and now I realize why. Before I had left the Blackthorne Lair, I decided that I should receive a discount, considering the relative incompetence of this new establishment, and that it should be sizable. And whallah, by the Grace of Satan, all came to be and balanced perfectly. HAIL SATAN.

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