March 27th, 2004

Draconis Blackthorne, shadowgram, Dracomet

Misanthropy: Slob TV

In My opinion, Letharginator programs like "Roseanne" and "Married with Children" are farces and travesties which have contributed to the de-evolution of the race by justifying many, if not all of the most rotten subhuman traits of the lower-man, making these shameful displays of non-etiquette, un-eloquence, and aesthetic nihilism acceptable to the herd. Not only "accceptable", but desirable, to act like human trash and remain comfortable in mediocrity, accomplishing the minimum in life as well as mocking, denigrating, and ignorantly objectifying eachother. And the social stratification takes prominence, water seeks its own level, albeit gutter backwash.

One must strive continually for the higher with perfection in the completion and the realization of one's aspirations and passions; and this promotes Elitism, and furthermore promotes Evolution.

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Draconis Blackthorne, shadowgram, Dracomet

When there's no more room in Hell...

I will be venturing forth to the theatre in coming days to view this promising presentation entitled "Dawn of The Dead" - the remake of this film which I had the pleasure to see several times since its initial release on VHS, and remains a favorite zombie film. It is time for a return to REAL Horror movies and to revitalize the genre with absolute horror, terror, and eustress bordering on distress. With very few exceptions, what has been released in the past few years have been nothing less than silly tongue-in-cheek movies masked as 'horror' meant to quell the masses, further introducing a miasma of false contentment. That is what comedies are for, not Horror Movies. The original intent must be returned - films that will truly SCARE and FRIGHTEN viewers, as it is meant to be. And the same goes for music for that matter. There is no wonder My Spechtreum shelves are mostly filled with underground cinema and documentaries, preserving what is purely black. For the most part, I prefer plays and live theatre. So I emerge into the darkened theatre from time to time, and remain in a timelessness few understand.

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Draconis Blackthorne, shadowgram, Dracomet

Dare Devil

Another dark figure haunting since Draclinghood from the shelves of comic book fane, Dare Devil {played by Ben Affleck} travels high above through the night like some red demon, casting his fearsome shadow upon criminal wastrels throughout the concrete jungle.

Dare Devil is blinded by nuclear waste as a child, although the very same chemical which plunged him into eternal darkness also embued him with heightened senses. He derives his nomenclature and inspiration from a wrestling mentor who was murdered in a back alley by a sore-loser after a match, which then placed him on the road to the dark justice of vigilanteism. He subsequently becomes a lawyer, earning his degree by using braille to excel, and sets out to avenge a rape victim against a lowlife who gets away scott-free...or so he thought. He eventually meets up with "Elektra Nasches" {which in the movie sounds rather like "electric nachos"}, and after a spirited battle after exiting a restaurant in which he desires to date her, she marvels at his skills despite being a blind man, and eventually do begin to date.

"Bullseye" eventually appears, a bald hoodlum-type with target scarification on his forehead, who utilizes deadly metal spikes to make his point. Under the aegis of The Kingpin {who appears here as a muscular black man, not as the original obese caucasian}, manages to implicate DD as the murderer of Elektra's father, so she embarks upon avenging him, but is dispatched by her own sai by Bullseye {what a waste!}, who of course himself bites the dust.

I loved the effects in this film, displaying microscopic processes and the dynamics of Dare Devil's sonic sensibilities in action, which quite literally do provide him with vision and full awareness of the environment.

4/5 Black Candles.

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