March 23rd, 2004

Draconis Blackthorne, shadowgram, Dracomet

Spring Equinox XXXIX A.S.

Here at The Noctuary, the scent of Jasmine floats in the air as I walk through the Garden of Belial, now beginning to bloom amidst the cool breeze; fog lingers likened a thinning blanket as My little four-legged children of Satan romp thereabouts, jutting in and out of crevaces and cubbie-holes. The serpent has freshly shed and fed, the 'sacrifices' have been offered, and the black moon looms as a black hole in the darkness above.

The natural balances equilibriate, and life springs forth from death, as the serpent emerging from their skin does. The kaleidoscopic colorations return once more from the black, as The Black Opal, The Jewel of Satan contains all hues within its darkness, and represents Satanism in its symmetry.

Let us partake of the sumptuous treasures of The Black Earth in all of her variety, pregnant and lush with life...nectar and ambrosia-laden for The Dark Gods incarnate. May the delights of the flesh be thine to hold, as you indulge in the Sacrament of Satantric bliss. Raise high thine glasses unto Pleasure, Victory, and unto SATAN, the King of The World, aye, even unto the Universe.