March 15th, 2004

Draconis Blackthorne, shadowgram, Dracomet

Nefarious Newsletter V.123


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In this issue:

I. Quotations: James Butler "Wild Bill" Hickok, Sir Winston
Churchill, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Johnny Frank Garrett, Sr.,
Carl Panzram.
II. Shadowmantium Evilutions: 2 more Draconis Blackthorne
III. Nefarious News: Greek court upholds Satanists' sentences,
Paging Doctor Beeper, Family Ties, You Got a License for That
Razor? The Taiwan Pigeon Tragedy, The Key To Success, Nazi
Comedian Bites The Dust, Jerry's At It Again, I Want To WIN
Dammit! Tarzan - Lord Of The Porn, Mmmmm....Good! I Don't Want
Any Of Your Lip! Now That's A Rich Diet, Your Purse Is Made
Out Of What? Tuna Terror Strikes, You Deserve A Break Today,
Alien Anal Probe?
IV. Interesting Facts & Foibles: Bizarre Mating Regulations,
Bizarre Laws:
V. Loki's Laughter: Dog-god pooch, Why do the Mormons change
bishops every two years?
VI. Wicked Words: dapocaginous, neanimorphism.
VII. SatanoVision: John Wayne Gacy, TRICK or Treat...
VIII. Hell's Bar & Grill: Roasted Corn Off the Cob, Chick-Pea
Salad, Pastitsio, Glazed Carrots, Walnut Butter Cookies
IX. The Devil's Web: Voodoo Santeria Supplies, Deadwood, 2
Rooms Plus Halloween.
X. The Shadow Gallery: The Black School.
Draconis Blackthorne, shadowgram, Dracomet

Deicide: Scars of The Crucifix

Impending acquisition: Deicide: Scars of The Crucifix. Deicide has been a constant in My Death Metal collection. I appreciate the brutal ferocity that belies the tranquility of the classical and instrumental musick I listen to, even detecting similar strains reflective therein at times, and provides for a most stimulating dichotemy. Now on Earache Records, it was released just a day prior to the "Passion" movie - superbly well-timed or infernal providence? It shall be deciphered.