February 16th, 2004

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In-N-Out Urge...

In-n-Out Urge

Tonight, I had some "In 'N' Out" take out, an establishment native to California, and noticed that there are actually bible reference numbers on some of the containers. I had been previously notified that this has been an urban legend for decades, and a true one, and in My opinion, is in decidedly poor taste. Lucky for them that the confections are just so damned good.

On a humorous vein, I remember seeing modified "In 'N' Out Burgers" stickers in High School on notebooks and even cars reading "In 'N' Out Urge".

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Garfield Preview

The Garfield preview is out! He is CGI, not a predictable Odie {an actual dog is used}, but it looks like it could be fun. Other favorites have been Felix and Morris as well. This character has long-since been a favorite of mine, capturing in many ways how one would perceive the attitude of the precocious and lazy feline to be. I adore cats - I have always had cats as familiars, as well as dogs and snakes {the latter is probably My closest totem}; and have pondered the idea of having one completely white, and one completely black cat - as it is, we have a black and white cat named "Lord Jedi Roundtum", which is the favorite of LB's.

In honor of this announcement, let us recall the precepts of Catism as observed by Dr. LaVey: "Don't Run if you can walk. Don't walk if you can stand. Don't stand if you can sit. Don't sit if you can lay down. Don't stay awake if you can sleep." And that precisely captures it to a tee.

Draconis Blackthorne, shadowgram, Dracomet

A Mother's Gift

I received a package today containing two hand-made heavy blankets for these invigoratingly cold nights from Dear "Mother Satan" - yes, I suppose The Devil also has a mother - and quite a thoughtful and creative one at that. Expertly hewn, of course, considering her artistic inclinations - for she is also quite the artist as well, and all sorts of handicrafts. She painted replicas of Blue Boy, Pinkie, The Last Supper, The Mona Lisa, and Madonna & Child with her own little hands, and she is a dynamo - a veritable whirlwind of energy, keeping her strange garden with all sorts of curous transmutations, monsterous cacti, incredibly vibrant flowers, bringing seemingly 'dead' plants to life, all the while "speaking" to them like children. A truly remarkable woman, despite the fact that she considers herself Catholic, although more along the lines of Witchcraft, if anything, with her candles for various purposes, and strange traditions, intriguing stories from the Homeland, like the witch who would assume the form of a crow and fly upon the roof to sap the life force from sleeping victims; the one about the man who dissappeared for 20 years into a Pit only to emerge physically unchanged, which eventually drove him insane; The one about the shaman entering one side of a bush to transform into a coyote, and it goes on...


St. Valentine's Day

The inevitable question arises, that if I celebrate Valentine's Day - as a Satanist, I would have to say "Yes, and No". For LB and I, it is pretty much a mixture of "Valentine's Day" and Halloween all the time. Valentine's Day in the secular sense, like xmas, without the religious connotation. And the fact that it is a Christian-based holyday is also antithetical to My own religion. For I believe it to be far more meaningful to bestow someone a gift spontaneously at any time, "just because", not pander to the mass commercialism pushed on such herd holydays. Although when I see the proliferation of items with the love theme pervading, one may come across something interesting, as I did. A "Valentine Devil" there reposing at the cash register while acquiring provisions, so I decided to possess it and present it to her, but this could have been at any time of the year because of the actuality of the emotion. And to ponder this holiday, it is actually kind of sad that the populace has to be as if reminded to pay attention to one's mate. We Satanists do not need to be reminded, or set up some special time for the recognition and appreciation of Our Loved ones - it is conferred voluntarily, selectively, and individually. For as one's enemies are to be worthy and earned,so must one's loved ones. ∞

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