February 1st, 2004

Draconis Blackthorne, shadowgram, Dracomet

The Devil takes His due...

On this, the commemmoration of the Nativity of The Great Black Dragon, The Devil has taken his due amongst the Muslims At Least 244 Killed in Haj Pilgrimage Stampede. A veritable "sacrifice" upon a pretentious practice of travelling afar in misery to toss stones at pillars meant to represent The Devil in their culture - did anyone notice that the pillars are positioned in the center of a platform which is surrounded by these people, so when they throw rocks yelling "harder! harder!", they actually hit others on the other side when missing? Stupidity extends unto all nationalities and blindlight religions as is evidenced here, and is frequently amusing. Masochists thinning themselves out from Satan's Black Earth. And this occurs every year on this day of Candlemas Eve. I hereby nominate this for The Darwin Awards. It is no coincidence that these are referred to as "foolosophies".

Also, did anyone happen to notice the phallic symbolism of the obelisk? It has always represented the Lingam principle of The God, and perhaps the fact that these blindlighters are directing all of their negative energy towards it may signify their own abhorrence of their own genitals, as it is known that blindlight religions frequently denigrate and suppress the libido, while casting the beauty that is woman in inferior roles spawned of hatred, since the female principle is largely composed of sexuality. I happen to designate the phallic representation as the obelisk upon The Altar; black with glyphs detailing the characteristics of the male principle of Force as relative to the sun, but this of course can be characteritically transferred to the moon as well, if that be the sign one is more comfortable with.

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