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Local church target of vandals

Local church target of vandals

Greece police tell NEWS 10NBC vandals spray-painted graffiti on the walls of the Lake Shore Community Church. The images show swastikas, pictures of Satan, and anti-gay messages. This is not the first time for this church, the same thing happened in July. Now church leaders say they're going to have to spend more than $1,500 on surveillance cameras.

We spoke with Pastor Ray Lawrence who says the church is also a polling place for election night and the site of a blood drive this week. Unfortunately the graffiti will not be cleaned up in time for those events. “The thing that disturbs me the most is that it’s a wide variety of messages. I mean Satan’s temple is one thing, but then when you look at swastikas and fags that’s different. I just don't comprehend what it is,” Pastor Lawrence said.

Greece police say the damage will cost several thousand dollars to repair. If caught, the vandals could face felony charges.

* Source.

Obvious evidence that the vandals had absolutely no idea what the Hell they were doing. The vandalism is contradictory. Seems like just another drunken juvenile prank, done for their personal amusement and shock value. Yet vandalism is a crime, and will be prosecuted, with a punishment hopefully, with a reflective defacement.

Satanism sees no dividing lines between sexual preference, so long as mutual participation is indulged - it is essentially a non-issue. It has been the bloody white-light traditions who have perpetrated the most heinous crimes against those who followed their own natures, and actually burned homosexuals on the pyre upon wooden tinder called "faggots" - somehow, the name was applied to them.

The 'Swaztika' is an ancient symbol symbolizing "Buddha's Heart" {equivalent to the "sacred heart of Jesus"}, and is omnipresently found in Buddhist temples. The Grammadon, or Grammaton, is a quadram symbolizing any combination of four elements, directions, and winds. Obviously, Hitler emerged and used it to signify his Third Reich, originally using christianity as a means to an end, until eventually deifying himself as demi-god incarnate. Because of that infamous movement, western culture commonly associates it exclusively with Nazism.

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