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Vandals target south side church

Vandals target south side church

CORPUS CHRISTI - A church on Cimarron Boulevard was vandalized. Police are calling it a hate crime. The vandals hit St. Philip Catholic Church on Monday night. While police are looking for the suspects members of the congregation are wondering why anyone would do such a thing.

When members of the St. Philip Catholic Church arrived for mass Tuesday morning they were horrified by satanic symbols covering the front doors of the church, and other hateful signs and messages were spray painted all over the one place parishioners go for peace and comfort.

"I'm always shocked that anybody would choose to vandalize any place much less a church," said St. Phillip youth minister Danny Kollaja. One message written on a wall of the church said... "Preach faith not hate."

The vandals also threw two bricks at the church one of which broke front door. On the bricks were these messages: One referred that the church as not siding with the poor and the other read "unlock these doors to let the lies out and the faith in..." A disturbing message to church members.

"It makes me feel sad and disappointed that people would do this to a church where we do much good for so many, said parishioner Margaret Moyniham. The damage will be costly. The doors will have to be stripped and repainted and church officials are still looking for ways to get the blue paint completely off this marble statue of St. Philip.

Police investigators said they're still trying to develop some leads in the case. If you have any information about this crime, call CrimeStoppers at 361.886.TIPS.

* Source.

It should be more than obvious by this time amongst the more educated of the populace, that this was in no way perpetrated by actual Satanists.

Still, a pentagram, and the word 'Satan' garners attention... why? Ignorance and fear. The fault lies on both sides of this dualistic spectrum. Such crime occurs beneath the aegis of white-light foolosophies, all contained within a paradigm of stuporstition. White sheep and black sheep are confined within the same pen.

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