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Halloween XL

As spooks flood the streets and The Presence of Samhain lingers heavy on this night, and all those archetypal images pour forth from the darkness of the subconcious, materializing from the imagination into the third dimension, so let the candles burn bright in your Noctuary Chambres, and gatherings be blessed with Lucifer's infernal light. The Names are spoken and the pleasures of the flesh are indulged amidst Baphomet's sight.

Daemons dance with creatures from darkened fane
Donned in vestments of evocative bane
The world catches but a glimpse of Hell
As robed phantoms utter omnipotent words of spell

Nightmares come alive in joy and in dread
We remain amused at the teeming masses as dusk enfolds the land
The Gates creek open with echoing voices
Rising up from The Abyss only we understand

Our tenebrious creations come to be!
In spectral visions again set free
So hear the tolling of the bell
The Sabbath is here, I wish you well!

Hail Halloween! Hail Satan!

* X/XXXI\XL: Be sure to read the Magestry's Halloween Message!



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