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Infernal Empire Evilutions 3/19

Church of Satan

19 March, XXXIX A.S.

"The Church of Satan has authorized a new poster of our founder Dr. Anton Szandor LaVey.
* This image, taken by Nick Bougas, was approved by Dr. LaVey himself as suitable for poster reproduction. Now it can be yours through the Emporium. Click on the image for ordering details. {Click on the link above to view the image in the News section}.
* An interview with artist Owen Leitsch will be airing from March 15 to March 20 on Shane Bugbee’s show “Three Ring Radio” on Radio Free Satan. Click on the link for details.
* Reverend Matt Paradise has launched the online version of his fine publication, Superhighway To Hell, the guide to all that is worthwhile in online Satanism. Click on the banner to visit.
* Our very own Colonel Akula of Monolith has written a review of Mel Gibson’s ultra-violent film The Passion of the Christ. Stop on by the Canadian site SomethingCool News to read it and the controversy it is generating." - from Our Official Site.


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