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</form><P ALIGN="JUSTIFY">I. Quotations: David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger.
II. Nefarious News: Maybe They Should Ban Using Big Words, He's Been on the Ball, Hard Up for Some Treatment, Seeing Doubles, Arm Wrestler Uses Head As Lethal Weapon, Nun Develops New Habit, I Said Moooove! Dual Poisoning Cases, Vet Has A Fishy Story, Robin Hood Was Gay, Preferred 'Merrie Men, VIAGRA BRINGS LIFE TO...PLANTS, This Story Sucks, Lead In Pencil From Iron In Diet? Take Me To Your Leader... I Mean Fat Ones, A Clean Break, Questioning Her [Senti]mentality, Why You Shouldn't Play With Your Food, Her Spirits Weren't the Holy Kind, Drive In Peace, Alas Poor Yorick, You Make Me Laugh, The Yuppie Takeover Can Be Stopped, Beer, Breakfast Of Champions? Guilty Of Not Being Able To Go To Jury Duty, Man Sentenced for Stealing Smelly Shoes, Illegal Calls To Psychic Hotlines, Finland, The Next Great Military Power, THANKS, DEAR...NO SAUSAGE THIS MORNING, That's What They All Say, No Golf Handicap Here, Happy Ending for a Cruel Sea Tale, If I Bob and Lick You Must Acquit.
III. Interesting Facts & Foibles: Bizarre Personal Ads, Bizarre Laws: Oregon, New Orleans, Bizarre couples.
IV. Loki's Laughter: Slave-driving.
V. Wicked Words: protean, hullabaloo.
VI. The Devil's Web: Dark Shadows Homepage.

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