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Trances, satanic abuse--now a trial

Trances, satanic abuse--now a trial
Lititz woman says she was harmed by her psychiatrist's techniques in bizarre malpractice case here.
By Cindy Stauffer And Janet Kelley, Lancaster New Era
Published: Oct 19, 2005 1:13 PM EST

LANCASTER COUNTY, PA - It’s a scene straight out of the film “Rosemary’s Baby”: men in beast masks, candles flickering in dark cellars, chalices filled with blood and urine, rape by the devil and killing Satan’s baby by plunging a knife into its body.

For 10 years, this was the life a Lititz woman thought she was living, while being counseled by a psychiatrist who put her in a trance so she could recover memories of the satanic abuse in the varying guises of her nine multiple personalities.

The woman is suing the doctor for malpractice, saying he used questionable techniques that resulted in a terror-filled existence punctuated by frequent suicide attempts and trips to a psychiatric hospital.

Rose Gray is suing Dr. Stephen Powers, also of Lititz, in an unusual civil trial that began Tuesday and is expected to last about a week.

She is asking a jury to direct Powers to pay her for the damages she says she suffered at his hands, damages that were outlined in the opening day of her trial.

* Source.

The-rapists will finally get their come-uppance! Perhaps this may start a trend among other such so-called "survivors", and thus initiate a new term: "therapy survivors", who made it through the malpractice and mental abuse perpetuated by self-serving christian 'doctors' foistng their mythological perversions upon their gullible and 'trusting' clientele. It is certainly about time.


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