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An amusing query...

I was contacted by the producer of "Friday Night with Greg Giraldo", which it turns out will be creating a sarcastic skit mocking a dating show called "elimidate" out of NYC, asking if I would like to participate in their Halloween episode, wherein some woman will be paired with a so-called 'vampire', 'witch', or 'werewolf', and a male model; to quote: "see what will happen". Being that I Am occupied on the west coast, he did ask Me to ask anyone in the New York area this week if someone would want to attend, perhaps to play one of the characters mentioned. He did ask, after all:

"It's for a new show called Friday Night with Greg Giraldo, and for our Halloween show we are doing our version of elimidate. A single lady will be going on a date with a vampire, witch (or werewolf) and a male model. It wouldnt be anything scripted just a real package to see what would happen. Unfortuantley, we are looking to shoot this week. If you know of anyone in NYC that may be interested, please let me know."

I will not list his phone number, so those interested I suppose could go to the link above to seek more information, or google the show name. If you want to participate and are in the New York area this week, email Me and I will forward him of your interest.


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