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The Trident 19

The Trident 19
The Trident 19
[The Magazine of Modern Satanism / Legion of Loki Grotto]
"Satan represents man as just another animal, sometimes better, more often worse than those who walk on all-fours, who, because of his 'divine spiritual and intellectual development', has become the most vicious animal of all!" ~ 7th Satanic Statement.

The humanimal issue offers a variety of opinions about our place in the animal kingdom, as well as interaction with the other creatures therein.

The cover features "Honi Bunny", a zoomorphic changeling influencing society with her various charms, and the description reveals just how. One will notice the phi-ratio present in the daisies descending behind her. As a side note, I refer to trendoid airheads as "bunnies" and "foos", which may actually be giving them too much credit after all.

Paul Hill observes "Satan's Precious Creatures", lamenting most humanimals' apparent inability to flow with the course of nature, both inner and outer. "The Beauty of The Beast" by we know who, showcases marvellous photography of various furry four-legged and scaley friends in their purity of being; Markus Meyer offers some advice towards stratification and leadership, and reports on an amusing exhibit featuring human and simian cohabitation, as well as displaying forte' images from the jungle to the shore to the woods; Magister Paulis makes a staunch commentary on some deceptive influence of Disney upon the populace when considering multimedia representations of animals' true predispositions; John Brunac recollects parental cliche's about pets; J.M.K. describes some evolutionary developments in the humanimal in contrast with other animals, and relates a delightful little folktale about why clouds are so high in the sky; Justine posits a pro-vegan beef {contention}; and the Dear Abby column serves up a winsome evocation of Jiminy Cricket's undefiled sage wisdom, which sings true.

The voice of other species speak through this installment, and it is wise to listen. For Satanists, it is already the voice within.

"The highest plateau of human development is the awareness of the flesh!" ~ The Satanic Bible, P. 81.
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