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The Master

Evocation: I wonder how many people recall this incredible series which was far too short-lived for My amusement. Lee Van Cleefe, a face haunting the silver screen as various villainous Spaghetti-Western cowboys in black throughout his carreer, as he always opted for the 'bad guy'. I was very young when this aired, I was in "little league" Karate Class, as it were, and was already an orange belt at the time of its broadcast - this presentation was in fact one of the factors which motivated Me to later persue Ninjutsu, after the Martial Arts basics of Tae Kwon Do was mastered - like "training wheels" for the serious Martial Artist, who wishes to persue a deeper understanding and practice of the eastern martial mysteries - Ninjutsu is about the most profound one can delve into in My opinion, and I have notiuced several parallels with Satanism, in fact, The Elemental Four-Crown Princes of Hell {also diliniated as the compass points with incredibly similar characteristics described in The Satanic Bible}, the art of misdirection, Ninja Magic {clouding the opponents' brain}, visualization, meditation, transformation, the use of Greater and Lesser Magical principles, self-discipline, etc.

And to this I began to ponder, in lieu of the recent 'Devil's Mischief' Star Wars parody episode, that the closest thing to an actual Jedi or Sith is a Satanic Ninja - they even look similarly. The Dark Force FOR REAL. I definitely recommend The Satanist train in The Martial Arts in one form or another, as this is a fundamental feature to mastering the physical realm, as in "Physical Superiority", as one of the points of The Infernal Alignment. And this of course is linked in an ascending order of evilution as one transgresses and masters the levels of being.

I remember this series as being quite intense, and gleaned from actual teachings, with a technical advisor who was a trained Ninja himself, but the rest is rather hazy. I subsequently discovered through a websearch that VanCleefe filmed a movie entitled "The Ninja Master" in Year XVIII A.S., which I have not yet seen, but shall purchase ASAP. Watching this program was quite an event as well - I would make absolutely sure that I was front and center when it came on, wearing My gi every Friday night at 9pm on NBC; and when it concluded, I remember there being a feeling of introspection, and motivated a higher state of mind overall.


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