Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

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Halloween shopping part 2

While acquiring some business supplies, I came across this creature {called "hairy little guy" on the package}, who upon contemplation, really does resemble a Baphomet-like image: The horns are striated, goat-like ears protrude from the sides of the head {especially when lifting the hair}, and a long goatee descends to what could be the bottom point of a pentagram, if so inclined to place him within one, which I may eventually do.

I may have called him "Baphomet" if it wasn't for the rather silly quality of the face, so this one would probably moreso embody the name "Loki" {Teutonic devil; trickster}, or "Pwcca" {Welsh demon; more synonymous with 'Puck', as a goblin / trickster}. He does inspire laughter when animated.

Another unexpected, though pleasing addition to The Infernal Names collection.


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