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"Satanic" grafitti is scrawled on church

"Satanic" grafitti is scrawled on church
"SATANIC" symbols and abusive messages have been scrawled across an 18th century church in Daventry.

Inverted crosses, pentacles and the word Satan have been splashed in thick white paint across the doors and steps of the Church of the Holy Cross in Church Walk, Daventry.

Church administrator David Muggleton said the unusual criminal damage had first taken a nasty twist when the notice board was vandalised on September 22, with a second attack following last week.

A list of clergy had been scrawled over with marker pen and the words "paedophile" and "rapist" placed next to some of the names.

Mr Muggleton said a previous attack was carried out about three months ago, when symbols were scraped on the door with skateboard wax.

But the latest damage has been more permanent and stonemasons will now have to be hired to remove the paint from the step.

Mr Muggleton added: "It is not kids mucking about. I am fairly sure of that. It is something serious. But who it is, we have no idea."

Police believed the first attack happened between 2pm on September 22 and 9.20am the next day.

The second set of damage, which police believe is linked, happened between 9pm on September 29 and 8.45am on Friday morning.

Pentacles are a widely-used religious symbol, often associated with witchcraft and satanic rituals.

The inverted cross is seen as a mockery of the Christian cross and in some sects it is called the Baphomet, which is the official symbol of the Church of Satan.

{Incorrect. The inverse cross is not an official icon of The Church of Satan. An inverted cross is not a Baphomet. This is obvious to anyone who simply takes a glance. The blatant ignorance of the statement is repugnant. ~ DB}}

A Northamptonshire Police spokeswoman said: "Abusive language was written in white paint on the front step of the Holy Cross Church. White paint was also splashed over the front door of the church.

"This criminal damage is believed to be linked to similar abusive writing on the noticeboard of the church."

Witnesses to either attack can call Daventry Police on 01327 300300.

* Source.

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