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The Black Earth

{Ist October, XL; Northridge, CA}

Had a Hell of a time at Necrocomicon this evening. Necrocomicon is a horror convention showcasing the genre's latest releases, some timeless favorites, and all manner of merchandise connected with them, inclusive of cast and crew presence. I accompanied some acquaintances who happen to be die-hard horror fantoms:

Of particular interest, I met with Lisa Loring, the adorable little Wednesday Addams from the original Addams Family series, and she was quite amicable, despite My Baphomet and leather trench - she signed My newly acquired DVD set. I would have liked to have told her that it was a pleasure to meet the actress which portrayed infernal progeny so wonderfully, but so as to not put her off, I shook her hand and told her it was a pleasure to meet her in person, and that I have had quite a collection of the original series on tape, and what a relief it finally is that the series is now on DVD. A priceless treasure forever cherished.

Other recognizable "celebrities" included the underrated Eileen Dietz of Exorcist fame, who played many of the more memorable demonic faces therein - she was also promoting her appearance at a local spook house in Woodland Hills; Priscilla Barnes - yes, THAT Priscilla Barnes from Three's Company, who now has been included in The Devil's Rejects; Courtney Gaines from Children of The Corn {"Malachai"; who was also pushing his CD, playing from out of a couple of small speakers, which was quite a fright - acoustic renditions / "The Wave" type of music}; among several others who were vaguely familiar. I saw the "mystery guest" O.J. Simpson signing autographs and figurines of himself, and was not about to purchase one of those. There were actually 'protestors' outside with some signs, some of which read "Never forgive, never forget", and the simple "murderer" held forth.

There were actually a few people at Necrocomicon with pentagrams, either printed on shirts or dangling from necklaces, who looked over at Me curiously. Many others were dressed as their favorite characters, from the ubiquitous Jason Voorhees, Michael Meyers, Freddy Krueger, to more elaborate getups like various Vampire renditions, ghouls, zombies, a couple of devils, a headless guy, and My favorite... voluptuous vixens in scantily-clad attire here and there - "Vampirella" was quite remarkable. I was surprised Elvira was not present, but a Morticia look-a-like was definitely there.

In the main showroom, vendors lined the walls with so many intriguing items from Horror cinema, from dolls to costumes, masks, books, films, jewelry. The booth that particularly caught My eye was the Dark Delicacies display, whose shoppe I have frequented on a couple of occasions, offering up mostly horror fiction and true-crime books. If you are not familiar with this establishment, and are in the LA area, do visit this artfully-embalmed total environment. Friendly and informative.

Next on the roster was a screening of "Death By Engagement", an amateurish film about a seemingly cursed wedding ring sought after by a charming groom, whose wearer perishes one after the other, as it eludes him at every turn through a series of unfortunate synchronicities. His obsession to possess the heirloom leads to murder and deception. A "B-Movie" presentation, but somewhat amusing nonetheless. Afterwards, the actors were available for questions, although truthfully, I was not too interested.

In an auditorium-like room, I had the pleasure of seeing The Order of The Fly perform, who are like The Misfits' demonic musical child, and a lot of fun to watch, clad in Halloweenish attire, they played amidst swirling fog and undulating lights, with high energy in graveyard stomping frenzy. The Lovely "Abby Normal" resembles a Gothic Sally with stitch scars about her flesh, and Ralphie Repulsive really does an exceptional job with his ghoulish skull makeup {not to mention he blows fire!}, "J-Synthetic" resembles a cybernetic goth doll, and "Alfonzo DeLos Muertos" performs as a monstrous skull creature, reminiscent of Gwar, and the drummer donned "Corpse paint" similar to Death Metal musicians.

The Kissfits were certainly an evocation, bringing to mind images of these legendary rock figures, which were actually My first introduction to the world of Hard Rock / Heavy Metal, and I do appreciate a good show - The Kissfits are, as the name suggests, a cross between The Misfits and KISS, playing some familiar KISS and Misfits tunes, as well as a couple of originals in the same vain. I especially enjoyed their rendition of "Halloween". There was another fire-breathing spectacle, as well as plenty of blood-dripping gore by "Gene Manashevitz".

The best in this musical repertoire was unfortunately not saved for last, as "Sloppy Seconds" came on, whose shtick I suppose are as drunken slobs somewhat reminding Me of The Mentors, though nowhere near as amusing or imaginative, so I opted to take My leave.

Overall, saw a film, bought a DVD set with autograph, and enjoyed watching two entertaining bands perform - a fun night out. ∞

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