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The Devil's Diary VIII

The Devil's Diary VIII

The deadline has been met - thank you to all who contributed. Issue 8 is COMPLETE.

We are now accepting submissions for Issue 9: Essays, fiction, interviews, adventures, art, photography, poetry, multimedia reviews, Lesser and Greater Magical experiments are now being accepted. Please send submissions and orders to the Editor-In-Chief.

* Deadline for Issue 9 is April 11 XLI.

An extensive review from Zoth-Ommog:

"...I have just finished reading my copy of The Devil's Diary, and I was very impressed by the scholarly content of issue VIII. I'd like to share my thoughts about The Devil's Diary with the group, for those of you who haven't yet purchased a copy and are wondering what lurks within this empowering edition.

First off, the issue begins with Warlock Draconis Blackthorne's Autumn Equinox XL, a poetic tribute to the changing of the seasons. Draconis' skillful use of the english language never ceases to amaze me and his talents truely shine in this opening composition. Warlock Balckthorne is truely a wordsmith and an inspiration to us all in The OBD.  Hail Draconis ! ! !

Second is Jan Welke's Monetary Mechanisms. This is a very well written essay providing advice on attaining Financial Affluence, the 6th point of The Infernal Alignment. Jan presents a useful 3 step outline for working success rituals, and Warlock Blackthorne reminds us of the Satan-Mammon sigil, which directly correlates with Jan's Monetary Mechanisms essay.

Third up to bat is Behemoth's Lace & Whiskey (A Homage to Distilled Entities), an analysis of alcoholic beverages and those who consume them. I found Behemoth's approach to this sociological study both blunt and humorous. A must read for those of us who enjoy distilled spirits.

Now we come to Kyle Whittaker and his essay entitled The Church of Satan and What It Means To Me. This is  an admirable affirmation by a card carrying member of The Church of Satan. His declaration of devotion echoed many of my own sentiments regarding Anton LaVey and Satanism.

Next up is Daemonic Magic by Paul Hill. An interresting outline for envisioning a demon servant whose purpose is to serve you. A creative tool to work black magic and to create your own demonology.

Now we come to Warlock Blackthorne's Satanic Devotional. This is a formal ritual with incantations  that summon The Four Crown Princes of Hell, and a Daemon named Szandor. There is also a blasphemous version of Our Father, and a requisition for the 6 points of Infernal Alignment. A complete formula for daily devotion useful to all Draconian Satanists.

Draconis leads us next into The Black Earth where he reviews several interresting events He has attended. The Black Earth is followed by Noctuarium, Draconis' Multimedia reviews of satanic publications, music, and movies. Next is Draconis' Black Heart Poetry, a collection of dark verses by the master wordsmith himself. Here we can sample four compositions which invoke infernal imagery and diabolic delights.

Next up is Keith Shillingberg's A Dark Flame In Time. A excellent short story depicting an encounter with Satan, sex orgies, and cannibalism. I won't give too much more away with my review, but I will say the twist ending kept me smiling even after I was done reading Keith's story.  Good job, Bro!

And last, but certainly not least, we have The Devil Believes In Me by Michael DeLuca, Jr.  An interresting observation on the naivety of christians and the humor of their ignorance. Michael makes excellent points on how he deals with the old "Do you believe in Satan" question, and opens the doors to new ways of manipulating christian ignorance to benefit ones ego.

So there you have it my Infernal Brethren. A brief outline of the Halloween XL issue of The Devil's Diary. In my opinion, worth every dollar, and a must read for all members of The Order of The Black Dragon."
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