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{XXXIII A.S. Directed by John Pieplow. Starring Kevin Gage, Elizabeith Pena, Robert Englund, Dee Snider}

"So much flesh, so little time." - Captain Howdy.

Cyber-predator and sadistic modern primitive Carleton Hendricks, A.K.A "Captain Howdy" {Dee Snider} captures a detective's teenage daughter 'Toni' and keeps her locked up in his candle-lit dungeon for S/M sensual pleasure. Enclosed in a body cage, her mouth is sewn shut as she witnesses the torture of others with various bloodily forced body-modification torments. A partially bright-red-headed and shaved Captain Howdy is tattooed from head to toe, reminiscent of Bali body art, and sports several piercings, seemingly everywhere that can be.

With the help of his partner and an internet savvy cohort, Detective Gage finds him 'chatting' in a teenage forum, as the trail keeps on getting hotter, leading him to an amusing club populated by the underground subculture. Like a cat batting around a mouse, Capt. Howdy teases Detective 'Kevin Gage' {Mike Gage}, until his dwelling is deciphered, daughter rescued, and Hendricks is apprehended.

In keeping with the musical story from Twisted Sister's "Stay Hungry", Hendricks is sentenced to a mental institution for the criminally insane, until "recuperated" and set free. Heavily-medicated and seemingly docile, he resembles more of a Forrest Gump now with facial markings covered in make-up, all in an effort to 'fit in' to 'vanilla' society. And all was going along just fine until a group of vigilantes headed by a 'Jackson Roth' {Robert Englund} subject him to some street justice, where he is beaten and hanged. But like a previous scene where he returned from the brink of death experiencing an hellish Near-death experience, he resurrects and resumes his sado-masochistic persona. And thus, seeking vengeance, manages to capture Roth after a necromantic dance sequence, as well as a boisterous lady who persecuted him. Both are remanded to Howdy's sexual torture devices, driving them insane in the process. He keeps them alive and suffering, rather than killing them, where his influence is felt for the rest of their lives.

To his mortification, Gage finds a live video stream playing through his laptop, wherein Howdy delivers another one of his philosophical rants, holding a sobbing Toni again. Once more they confront eachother for the final battle.

Dee Snider's brainchild comes alive in Strangeland, and is relatively well done, despite the rather bland acting, although the ideas make for a great B-grade cult horror movie. Now if only King Diamond would follow suit...

Rating: 4/5.

Tags: sprechtreum, strangeland

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