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Infernal Machinations

An amazing Magical occurrence today in relation to the previous thread about "technomantic experimentation". Without the utilization of this infernal machine {whose intent is to torment one's enemies with a constant stream of opposing energy, thus rendering the target both null and void as well as perpetuating a Curse through weakening}, LB & I concentrated on a certain event to occur the same day, and two hours later, a manifestation of the exact type described. I had also employed the aid of probably the most wonderful oracle in existence, Satan's Tarot, for detailed information on the subject, and this with Our familiars present {which is said to intensify the effects of a Spell}' and lo and behold, the fulfillment occurs two hours later in perfect accordance with our desires. I was originally intending to initiate a formal working in The Ritual Chamber, but this time, the results were almost instantaneous, as I interjected thoughts into the targets in question, making it seem as if it were their own thoughts, and Hail Satan, so it came to be.

And last night, the fog was thickly present here, adding that certain embience enhancing the psychodrama to empower the rites. And a great thanks to The Infernal Names in the pantheon of Hell.

Shemhamforash! HAIL SATAN.


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