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Jan Not Jackson

Jan Not Jackson
{XL A.S. CD: Self-titled. Jan Welke: vocals, Deacon Dunlop: guitar, Ohyun Kwon: guitar, Robert Sommer: bass, Jan Schulz: drums}

German Punk in the vain of The Exploited, Black Flag, and some discernable Germs influence. With suprisingly clean composition and delivery, the hardcore presented here contains rhythm and harmonies quite rare in the genre, and will have a hoof tapping. Intros demonstrate the band's innate talent with precision uses of mood-setting guitar work, and Jan Welke's vocals add that essential combustable element.

Considering the clever sarcasm of the facetious band name, Jan Not Jackson acts as an accusing devil in a humorous undertone, with songs dealing with the so-called "emo" travesty {gutless "pop-punk"}, media stupification, brain-dead burned out losers, and cheap Japanese influence, among other sadly relevant subject matter, which nonetheless needs to be raked over the coals from time to time.

Jan Not Jackson preserves the true rebellious essence of Punk pioneers like D.R.I. and S.O.D., with a refreshingly catalystic style which needs to be re-invoked.

Rating: 5/5.

* Website 1 Includes contact information. mp3's available.
* Website 2 Jan Welke's personal JNJ site.

While I do not normally listen to this genre, sometimes a listen catches My attention, and I feel compelled to comment on it based on a recommendation. In this case, I was pleasantly suprised when I received this in the mail as part of an order from Church of Satan and OBD member Jan Welke.


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