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Blackthorne Crest

"In Nomine Satanas, Draconum in Veritos, Potentiam Inferus."

The Blackthorne Crest contains the figures of The Dracomet* at its center, the personafied Daemon of The Self at the right holding the double-peaked stancheon affirming diabolical authority; the totem serpantine Black Dragon on the left signifying The Order of The Black Dragon; and the banner which bears the name "Blackthorne" overlapped before the earthward triune leviathanine tails which point towards Hell, the black earth, The Pit, Belial, signifying the carnal, and The Dark Force. All framed by The Trapezohedron Gateway of The Abyss, the materialization of The Will.

* Dracomet explanation: The black dragon / bat wings represent Lucifer, Daemon-God of Air, & is also indicative of The Order of The Black Dragon.

The flame atop the skull represents Satan,Daemon God of Hellfire, & Lucifer, bringer of enlightenment. The candle itself represents the erect phallus aflame with Lust; the Lingam.

The skull represents the omnipotent Mind & Will, & is also a memento-mori, that "life is the great indulgence, & death, the great abstinence."

The widow's paek signifies the Magician - The Warlock & the Witch, & the Forces of Darkness.

The Satanic Black Goat of Mendes represents lust for Life, carnal indulgence, knowledge, & Power.

The tongue of the serpant represents wile & guile, & the Art of Deception.The serpant, of course, represents wisdom, beauty, & grace.

The fangs represent the Humanimal predator - realized as such, becomes the Satanimal. Also indicative of the Vampire, the perfect synchronicity of the bestial & the civil in man.

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