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Autumn Equinox XL

Infernal Salutations:

Demon winds blow in from the South bringing the tempest in its wake. Breath in deeply the essence of Life. Satan arises from the black pits of the earth and spreads His cloak above, framed by the stars. The lightmare has ended - The blissful changing of the seasons has brought the beauty of Autumn once again...

Fires grow into the shadows of the night, as perked flesh writhes in serpantine bliss, by moon and candle's glow. Droplets cascade along darkened bark and ornament the spiderwebs as a veritable Halloween tribute to the wonders of Nature and the scinitillating mysteries lain hidden within the labyrinthine mind; An Occult treasure to discover and intigrate, propagating daemonic evolution and infernal growth.

Haunted cantibles float as so many phantoms in the air, where dancing spechtres still reside. By Lucifer's myriad forms, the earth has been purged and re-purified, making way for the worthy to possess the land. Children of Darkness - the wonders of the world are plenty... go forth and partake of its bounty!

Hail Satan!

In Nomine Satanas,
Warlock Draconis Blackthorne.
Haunted Noctuary, The Infernal Empire
22 September, XL Anno Satanas.
Tags: autumn equinox xl message

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