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Dracula: Dead & Loving It!


Dracula: Dead and Loving It
{XXX A.S. Directed by Mel Brooks. Starring Leslie Nielsen, Peter MacNicol, Steven Weber, Mel Brooks}

The Plot follows the ubiquitous Bram Stoker version, with the story and character herein primarily containing elements of the Bela Lugosi and the Gary Oldman depictions of Dracula, although it parodies pretty much the entire evolution of the romantic stereotype of the Vampire, to lesser degrees.

Renfield visits The Count, who sports that twin hennen-like hairdo, which turns out to be a "hair-hat", and is attired in the classic cape and tux. Unfortunately, Renfield proves to be too bumbling and imbecilic to make for a worthy minion, in My opinion, though played hilariously by Peter MacNicol, with the insect-eating propensities, slavish masochism, and hyena-like laugh.

Van Helsing is portrayed by the brilliant Mel Brooks, who comes off more like a Jewish Rabbi than a professor of forensics and obscure diseases, among his other distinguished titles, including gynecology.

Dr. Seward seems to have an enema fetish, prescribing the procedure as a veritable cure-all for mental illness, and Quincy P. Morris is entirely absent from the film.

Mina is here depicted as a redhead, while Lucy is a brunette! Usually, it is the other way around, although the actresses are exquisite, as are the voluptuous brides, who can share My canope bed any time!

Jonathan Harker is accurately depicted as a nausiatingly perfidious popinjay, whose naivete' and ingratitude can be frustrating to watch.

Constant hilarity, clever comical inclusions, and beautifully elegant sets typify 'Dracula: Dead and Loving It'. Murphy's Law seems rampant, though Dracula ultimately gets the last word.

Rating: 4/5.

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