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The Amityville Horror

The Amityville Horror
{XIV A.S. Directed by Stuart Rosenberg; Starring James Brolin, Margot Kidder, Rod Steiger}

There stands the house steeped in mystery and haunted urban legend. An unsuspecting couple move with their children into a glorious lakeside house with distinctive features, including two infamous attic widows resembling demonic eyes peering out into the night. Four dead due to madness, and some say, demonic possession...

George and Catherine Lutz slowly learn of the House's diabolic reputation through series of haunting experiences, including doors and windows opening by themselves, unidentifiable chronic sickness, missing objects, the sensation being watched by phantom eyes, ghostly breezes, a swaying chandlier, and a rocking chair which moves with no apparent occupant. A madness eventually overtakes George as his appearence becomes more dishevelled as the days go on, almost repeating the crimes committed by the former resident, until the source. or veritable 'heart' of the house is discovered with the help of a 'psychic' acquaintance, behind a brick wall in the basement, which serves as a portal to Hell.

The house could not be blessed by a priest, who flees in terror and suffers permanent affliction by these dark forces - they also frighten a nun out of the house as well. A crucifix is inverted upon the walls, which bleed a vicious black slime.

So the family eventually run for their lives, leaving the archetypal home and all of their belongings for that matter, hopefully, to someone who can really appreciate it!

Rating: 5/5.

Quite honestly, when I very first saw the inside of that attic, I imagined One's Altar positioned between the windows. Also, those enchanting eyes are not the only apparent appeal of the house - if you look around the windows, you will notice what appears to be a devilish shadow emerging from between them, with arms bending around the outer perimeter.

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