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We have I-Pod!

LB & I have acquired a wonderful device - that of the incredible I-Pod, which is essentially a portable mini CPU, storing not only a vast multitude of songs, but files as well. We have recently also acquired a black leather 'skin' for it as well, thanks to a friend, as without it, it really does look rather 'naked'. Our entire CD and .mp3 collection can now be downloaded into this hand-held device, summoned up whenever we please.

For those who are unfamiliar, it is similar to a 'walkman' which digitally stores your music, and various other types of files. So now one can pretty much carry copies of the contents of one's hard-drive on one's hip, if one wishes. And being that The Satanist is interested in utilizing technology to better preserve one's information, and synthesize one's total environment as well, this proves to be of great interest.


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