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Black Book of Shadows IX/XIII\XL

The Black Book of Shadows:

Today's blackout reminded Me of an incident which was related to Me once by some acquaintances. Apparently, this couple was talking about Me when the lights flickered in their house, and the chandelier began to sway, which they said really took them aback. It was not related what exactly was said, but the story itself was quite gratifying, though not all too surprising. From some other accounts, this apparently tends to occur frequently.

Completing Satan's Ouija earlier also reminded Me of another intriguing incident:

It was claimed by a girl I was courting that she and a few friends were at a slumber party, when they inevitably and classically decided to 'play' with a Ouija Board. For some reason, she decided to 'contact' Me through this board, to which the planchette began frantically darting to and fro. An intersting and unexpected occurrence. If you are so inclined, as an experiment, perhaps you may also wish to attempt this and email Me the results.

I had also previously led her through a visualization in which I declared a 'demon' would manifest itself before her in some way. I assured her that there was a dark and shadowy form perched upon the roof, and was steadily making its way down the fireplace, until it 'appeared' within the firepit. She said she saw two red eyes peering from the darkness...

* Those who know will realize that this was essentially a hypnogogic projection cast during a conducive atmosphere.
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