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Ritual Confirmation

VIII/XV\XL: While practicing a certain Vampiric rite familiar to those who know, I received four confirmations of the successful manifestation:

TIAMATThe Black Book of Shadows:

I. The sensation of cobwebs draped across the face.

II. The Coming of The Winds as I saw My actual cobwebs on the wall begin to sway back and forth with no other wind source in the Chambre. The windows were closed and the air was still.

III. Both cats began pawing furiously under the door from outside The Chambre.

IV. When I concluded the rite, I went outside to Satan's Hollow to enjoy the night, when I suddenly perceived flashes from out of the corner of My eyes. At first, I conceded that it may have been some sort of optical anomele, until it began occurring repeatedly, followed by low rolling thunder, which then filled Me with a feeling of exhuberence. I wore My walkman which crackled as each flash proceeded. The negions became resplendent as news reports began relating spontaneous and unexpected thunderstorms right after the rite was done.

Hail Tiamat! Hail SATAN.
Tags: communion, tiamat, vampire


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