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By Satan Possessed

The following review was originally published in The Devil's Diary #1:

By Satan Possessed
A film by Antony Thomas

By Satan PossessedMagister Boyd Rice inunciates the lyrics to "Total War" amidst a fanfare of wolf hooks, totenkopf insignias, and war drummers. From within his chamber, Grotto Master William Gidney invokes whoever will answer "from the highest peaks of heaven, to the lowest depths of Hell" using a ouija board. A Baphomet banner is used to top the film title. The introduction is quite dramatic, one of the best I have yet seen, with an impressive demonic statue of The Prince of Darkness himself, which would go nicely in one's ritual chamber, or about the house.

A documentary made right after the Satanophobic paranoia of the late 80's / early 90's. Herein, Bob Larson is showcased, a shrewd businessman using christianity to maintain the fears of his flock in order to keep the money rolling in. While even some christian the-rapists recognize that "demons" are metaphores for traumas, or "engrams", Larson sticks to the literal antiquated description - although perhaps even he seems to be evolving a bit, considering that the "demons" he "encounters", or induces, have gone from intriguing names such as "Asmodiel" and "Mephistopheles" to just plain "anger", "hate", "murder", "lust", "revenge" - all of which are natural human emotions - although the motivations expressed by the erstwhile "possessed" are debatable as to the particular abuse situations they have experienced, all of which psychology could take care of nicely, whereas replacing one branch of mythology for another can be quite harmful, as it only keeps the patient within a mythological / fantasy-based mindframe, instead or releasing them from it.

So-called "satanic breeders' 'recount' alleged 'infant sacrifices' - and from a Deicide concert as well as an arcade, the camera crew enters into a club to interview some teenagers about The Devil, which ranges from some sort of 'inner voice' to literal worship.

A chipmonk-sounding couple are terrorized by the local Police Department on allegations of "satanic ritual abuse" {SRA} made by the wife's sister's the-rapist, that they were to 'sacrifice' their baby to The Devil on his birthday. During this time, the-rapists of impressionable minds themselves, or fishing for a lucrative opportunity, went amok projecting their own conspiratorial fantasies, in order to restart the trend to keep the money rolling in - a new enterprise to embark upon. I maintain that these the-rapists, the true abusers {taking traumas the patient may have experienced, and transforming them into pseudo-satanic scenarios - why have they not been prosecuted for mental abuse? Malpractice? And/or made to pay back their gullible victims? The fact is, they kept them under subjection in order to maintain veritable slaves. The-rapists, white wolves, practice predation, while the victims stupidly allow themselves to be hypnotized with their brains filled with mistranslations}. Their children are subsequently taken away for three months, until returned without so much as an apology.

An FBI agent is interviewed about the whole SRA urban legend, to which he states he cannot be sure that events described cannot be true. It was quite remarkable to see an FBI official conceding to the suburban mythology, when a short-time later, the FBI released a statement on the SRA investigation calling it largely "fictional" and "without foundation".

David Travillo, an incarcerated prisoner nick-named "Damien" is interviewed, who murdered his prostitute girlfriend by stabbing her 39 times, even though she provided him with food, drugs, and shelter, while allegedly under the influence of a demon. Besides this program, he was also interviewed for the Sightings series which was examinig 'satanic cults' a couple years earlier, in which he had long hair and a goatee. Herein, he is sans both. Back then, he named "Lucifuge Rafocale" from the Solomonic Goetia as the demon who 'possessed' him.

Neither Dr. LaVey, The Satanic Bible, nor The Church of Satan are mentioned, as the program was primarily focused on devil-worship, not actual Satanism, but does hold some sociological validity as a study of the herd's Satanophobic stuporstition.

Video introduction from the presentation, courtesy of boydrice.com

I decided to post this review here because there seems to be minimal mention of it elsewhere. Again, preserving this review for archival purposes.
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