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Dr. Phibes Rises Again!

Dr. Phibes Rises Again!
{VII A.S. Directed by Robert Fuest. Starring Vincent Price, Peter Cushing, Peter Jeffrey, Fiona Lewis}

After three years in necromantic hibernation, Dr. Anton Phibes resurrects to the next step with a passion to actually revive his beloved Victoria, and with the aid of the silently enchanting Vulnavia, sets off for Egypt to bring her to life by using the mysteries of the ancient pharaohs, and finding the fabled river of eternal life. He awakes to discover his total environment demolished and a crucial piece of papyrus stolen by one "Darius Biederbeck", who also seeks immortality, yet Phibes' incisive ingenuity always regains what is his, removing all obstacles unfortunate enough to stand in the way of his plans, always in delightful and amusingly poetic, creative methods.

He takes the most important elements of his Lair with him - his precious organ and musical articifial human companions, through which he works the Greater Magic of the-is-to-be, which are briefly found by a snooping passenger, who is dealt with in an expedient and rather 'artistic' manner... placed in a bottle and set afloat!

Phibes had previously prepared a place within a mountain to conduct his occultic endeavors, and begins unlocking the secrets of this hidden chambre, complete with sarchophagus and an ingeniously concealed key. Serpents seem to play a consistent role in the film, from a mechanical snake, which was a mere distraction for a real one to be rid of a brute and regain the papyrus, to the actual handle on the sarcophagus, to cleverly snake-shaped spikes with bident tongues. Reminds this writer of Set the whole way through - the archetypal manifestation of Satan in Egyptian culture. This also reminded Me of My own beloved familiar 'Damballah', and was also especially pleasing considering that serpents are totems of mine,

Biederbeck's obsessions lead him to Phibes, as well as the impressively calculated abduction of his own beloved Diana - for it seems he was preserving himself with an immortality potion, yet fails in his goal as Phibes gleefully rows into the eternal Grotto singing quite a memorably recognizable tune...

Dr. Phibes Rises Again is a most worthy subsequent chapter to The Abominable Dr. Phibes, who displays consistently de-facto Satanic inclinations, to those who know.

Rating: 5/5.

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