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The prestidigitator/illusionist 'Criss Angel' has recently come to My attention, and all hype and propaganda aside, I like his style. His stage performances are most impressive, with 'gothic' aesthetics and clever uses of lighting and costumes, like being within a veritable theatre of thrilling nightmares and enchanting dreams. Not since Penn & Teller and The Pendragons, has such a performer impressed Me for quite a long while, and his music is not that bad either. He pays homage to Houdini and is a credit to his profession; and we know that show-business is the realm of Satan.

I can't say much about his appearence on the street, looking more like a remnant from Motley Crue {particularly Tommy Lee}, but he fleeces and entertains the rubes well.

Also, I Am quite sure that he was strongly influenced by the film "Lord of Illusions", considering the illusionist character's show herein seems very much a replication of Angel's.

Tags: criss angel, illusion, magic, mindfreak, pendragons, penn & teller, prestidigitation

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