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Marilyn Manson Wedding “Will Not Be Satanic”

Marilyn Manson Wedding “Will Not Be Satanic”

Dita Von Teese, Marilyn Manson’s fiancé, has revealed that their wedding will not involve Satan or bats or black wedding gowns or rivers of blood. They are, however, hoping for a little snow and, bizarrely, some fog.

Xfm’s Lauren Laverne clearly has the ‘Indie Wedding Of The Year’ prize sewn up, but in the Rock Wedding stakes, the gong has to go to Marilyn Manson's wedding to Dita Von Teese. However, contrary to popular belief, the event will not be the gothic ceremony fans may have been expecting, his fiancé has revealed.

“It's not going to be dark!” Von Teese explained. “No bats instead of doves, no black wedding gown. [But] we're hoping for snow and fog! [Manson’s] very interested in the ceremony, but he's trusting my judgment on all the aesthetics."

And in other Manson news, the ‘God Of F**k’ has been speaking about his new art form, 'Horripilation'. Apparently it will, "Horrify the hair off your legs". The singer has announced that his primary concern now is the production of short films, to be released through his official site

“The other night I took an eighty-year-old taxidermied monkey, set it on fire in the pool and filmed it from beneath with an underwater camera,” Manson continued, probably in a monotone voice without a hint of irony. “It was beautiful, like the Titanic, the Hindenburg and King Kong all mixed into one.

“I no longer want to make art that other people - particularly record companies -are turning into a product. I just want to make art. It's horrifying, and it's depilatory. It will horrify the hair off of your legs."

The first set of films will be the four part ’Fantasma Gloria’ and is the visions of author Lewis Carroll (unsurprisingly, Manson is playing Carroll). In the first instalment, the singer investigates the origin of ’Alice In Wonderland’s Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.

“I might add that the girls playing Tweedle Dee and Dum are twins who get to have real, genuine sex with each other. I like to make dreams come true."

However, the frontman has not turned his back on music entirely, with 18 new songs already completed for a future project.

“It's not like I'm going to stop making music and start knitting,” Manson confirmed. “I just don't think the world is worth putting the music into right now. First we're going to fix the world with Horripilation."

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To those who are fans of this minstrel, you will also find some other news bits of interest such as his impending role in a subsequent 'Alice in Wonderland' presentation, among other things...
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