Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Monster Smash!

Something I have been doing all along is mixing all 3 of the monster cereals together. It was interesting to pour it all out of the box at one time, instead of three separate ones.

Available in Large "family size" box covered in art, cereal history, trivia, and a code on the back to watch a documentary on the resurgence, and listen to the new version on spotify.

It would be interesting for General Mills to provide little boxes or baggies to dispense to Trick or Treaters for Halloween, and for all-year 'round appreciation. After all, even if it is cereal, the option has always been to consume either just by itself if desired, or with milk. I for one would be thrilled to receive a bag of monster cereal in My container!

[Aldi] Sleepy Hollow Coffee {Orange Citrus & Apple}: Definitely has a fruity flavor mixed with sort of a burnt wood, which is probably the apple. Served warm in My black skull mug. Considering adding honey for that increased seasonal effect. There's also Raven's Roast which I will try & review next.

Tags: autumn, booberry, cereal, count chocula, diary, dracling, dracommendations, dracumentary, evocation, falloween, food, frankenberry, halloween, infernal progeny, monsters, novelty, product review

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