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WWhereupon finding grimoire-like pages containing The Black Hymn {said to summon demons} within the sleeve of a record stolen from a musician living in an abandoned house, Zakk & Brodie, along with a couple of school chums {one of which reminds of Meatloaf} decide to form a Death Metal band. Somewhat reminiscent of Dethklok, Zakk, Brodie, Dion, & Giles name it DEATHGASM, eventually trying their talents to play The Black Hymn. But as they do, the dimensions begin to rift, everyone within earshot becomes possessed & zombified, amusingly including Brodie's fundamentalist uncle who was nagging him to stop playing that devil music. {who eventually suffers a most fitting demise!}

Brodie has an interest in a girl from school, who doesn't seem to know any better in pairing with his generic cousin, eventually wises up and gravitates towards Metal. Her listening experience is like becoming She-Ra for her! She eventually meets Zakk, but sleeping with the girl Brodie likes is pretty damned LOW. Fortunately, it does eventually work out for them.

Warlocks & Witches come to town seeking to benefit from Daemon Aeloth, "The Blind One"'s manifestation is more indicative of Occultists with a defined purpose for a certain result, in this case, somewhat reminiscent of Nancy Downes' indwelling by 'Manon' {The Craft}, the witch seeks to become possessed for omnipotence! But the last scene contains quite a twist!

The soundtrack features

Mark of the Pizzagram: Axeslasher / Realms: Beastwars / Deathgasm: Bulletbelt / Evil Like a Knife: Midnight / Hour to Live: Skull Fist / Looking Into the Abyss: Nunslaughter / Metal Is the Way: Elm Street / Retrospection: Ihsahn / Black Banshee: Bulletbelt / Heavy Metal Power: Elm Street / 8' Sativa / The Burning Shadows of Silence: Emperor / Alone: Pathology / The Infinite: Razorwyre / Desert Inferno: Razorwyre / Damn the Sky: Beastwars / Let's Kill These Motherfuckers: Lair of the Minotaur / Tyrant of the Mountain: The Wretched End / Bad for Good: Skull Fist

It was observed that this film is a virtual 'biography' of The Deathbangers! In some ways, this is true. I relate to Zakk most, with elements of Brodie. This reminded Me of Trick Or Treat with some Satanic Panic references like backward masking {called "Rob Halford style" referring to that Dream Deceivers {"dreceiver"?} courtcase}; while towards the end it really does start to resemble a Tenacious D "demon battle", whereas true 'disciples of darkness' call upon demonic forces as brothers & sisters & friends!*

* See The Satanic Bible, LaVey.

Tags: biography, dracumentary, film review, grimoires, halloween, heavy metal, horror, malefick musick, occult, possession, satanic panic, tenacious d, witchcraft, witches, zombies

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