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S p i d e r b a b e
XXXVIII A.S. Directed by Johnny Crash; Starring Misty Mundae, Julian Wells, Darian Caine

SpiderbabeAn attempted spoof on Spiderman, though really badly done. Seems like most of the production fundage went into the credits, as the effects used are quite impressive to start out with, but then the plot is ridiculously weak, but that is actually changing for the Sinemaerotica genre.

As Patricia Porker, a college freshman, there is an obnoxious and infantile antagonist who is dealt with by Spider Babe's interesting web shooting ability - not so much the ability itself, but rather from where it derives - and even this is used only twice in the entire film.

Spider Babe's costume is nicely revealing, and she goes through the process of self-discovery upon being bitten by a radio-active spider, etc., yet apparently, she is unable to swing from rooftops, but instead just runs about on foot, yet somehow has the ability to "fly" into a situation - perhaps more like gliding, if they took the original idea of Spiderman with underarm webbing into consideration. Anyhow, at least they could have granted her a "Spider motorcycle", which would have worked quite well.

While living with Auntie Maybe and Uncle Flem who themselves enjoy a sado-masochistic relationship, she begins her crime-fighting in the Spidey manner of competing in a wrestling match with an brutish woman, which turns into rough sex, to the pleasure of the audience. "Uncle Flem" is shot, so she embarks upon her mission as Spider Babe, and gains a lust/love interest in a jock-boy named "M.J.", who himself at one point is pursued by two gay clowns from out of a club named "The Manholio". One of the most notable scenes with he and Spiderbabe involved inversed suspended fellatio - a take on the Spiderman scene with Jane in the rain.

Her primary nemesis consists of "The Femtilian" - a blonde Amazon determined for world domination, who possesses some sort of energy ball. In an attempt to modify negative stories circulating in "The Daily Bungle" about Spiderbabe, Porker and a female JJ Jameson have some fun in the office.

Overall, the sex is soft-core, and mainly oral, although the actresses are quite attractive, and if there is one thing that this film does manage to accomplish, is in its remarkable wardrobe, quite Witchy, and it is recommended that sex vixens view this film if only for the dressing tips.

Spiderbabe {Misty Mundae} is herself fetishistically delectable, yet this may possibly be the worst parody yet, even by spoof standards, and comes no where near Lord of The G-Strings. ∞

[Rating: 3/5]

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